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#LB170.0909.40 Berkshire Labx® 170 Disposable Cleanroom Wipers- 9` x 9`
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Berkshire Labx® 170 Wipers

Product Code : 24-C190

       Alternative to Industrial Tissues

ISO Class 6-8 Cleanroom Class 1000-100,000 EU Grade B-D. Meets government specification AA-50177, Type 1, Class 4 Heavy Weight, Wet Strength 

Labx® 170 is a cleaner alternative to industrial tissues and wipers. It makes an excellent wafer separator, wet bench liner, laboratory workmat, material packaging and blotter. Labx® 170 may be used in laboratories, medical and dental clinics, biotech research facilities as well as semiconductor, circuit board, pharmaceutical and biomedical device manufacturing. Use for cleaning of lab equipment, wiping of catheters, heart valves and other biomedical device. Highly absorbent. 80% Manila Hemp (abaca), 20% Wood Pulp. Works well with IPA and other solvents.  Size 9 x 9. Includes Free Shipping!

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Manf: Berkshire #LB170.0909.40
Packed: 500 per pack, 40 packs per carton (20000)

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