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Tidi® Disposable Plastic Colored Patient Drinking Cups - 5-oz: Lavender 9210, White 9211, Green 9212, Blue 9213, Yellow 9214, Gray 9215, Mauve 9216, Beige 9217, Peach 9218,
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Tidi® Plastic Colored Cups

Product Code : 03-929


High-End Plastic Cup Feature Colors for Every Office!

Tidi® 5-oz colored plastic dental patient cups made are not susceptible to flavor or odor transfer. Smooth rolled rims provide a safe and comfortable drinking surface. Strengthened by attractive sidewall ribs to eliminate slippage and for better grip. Sturdy plastic eliminates soak-through.

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Manf: Tidi® Products: White #9211, Blue #9213, Mauve #9216, Green #9212, Peach #9218, Lavender #9210, Yellow #9214, Gray #9215
Packed: 1000 per carton

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