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PE Coated Isolation Gowns w/ Wrist-Shield Cuff Technology
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ValuBran PE Coated Barrier Gowns w/ Thumb Restraints

Product Code : WS-0200
Limited Supplies

  Ideal for High-Risk Fluid Protection

Disposable PE Coated Barrier gowns have an impervious outer layer over a soft inner layer and are ideal for high-level fluid protection where infectious agents are a concern. Our disposable Isolation Gowns feature overlapping back panels, waist tie, neck closure and innovative knit cuffs with thumb slits that provide undeniable health and safety benefits for operators concerned about self-contamination and hand hygiene. These knitted thumb saddle cuffs are fully optional and will prevent exposure and potential cross contamination.

Select our PE Coated Isolation Gowns for High Level Strike-Through Barrier Properties When Working with Infectious Fluids (moderate spray), Diseases, Paint, Inks, Chemical Sprays, Chemical Dusts, Asbestos, Solid Airborne Dusts,  and Other Non-Oil Based Liquids. Drive Compliance to Higher Levels!

Blue. X-Large size

Manf:  #WS-0200
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