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Take Hosting & Toasting to New Levels 

ASTM-D6400 Compostable Glassware

The holiday season is approaching and for many, it is a time for reflection, turkey, shopping and most importantly-parties. Every hostess needs to coordinate what they’re going to serve and what to serve it in. R700Y-G Vegware™ Compostable Cold Beer Glasses (24-oz)

Whether you are throwing a party, planning a picnic or coordinating an outdoor wedding, you should consider implementing these disposable, and more importantly, ASTM-D6400 compostable drinking glasses from Vegware™ at your next catered function!

Replace Plastics with Compostable Plant-Based PLA

There is a new technology available for foodservice and catering establishments and it’s called Polyactic Acid (PLA). PLA is a plastic substrate made from fermented plant starch (usually corn) and it is fast becoming a popular alternative to traditional petroleum based plastics such as polyethylene that leach toxic microplastic.

Products made from annually renewable plants are non-toxic, non-polluting and breakdown into healthy soil within 12 weeks. PLA based products also conserve oil resources and support cleaner production methods while protecting the health of our planet, ourselves and diverting waste from landfills.

Awesome For Outdoor Events

Your party guests or customers won’t believe that these fancy disposable shot glasses and beer glasses are made of a compostable plant-based plastic substrate!

These upscale Award Winning Vegware™ plastic-free glasses and portion pot shotglasses and are priced to help you stay within your budget and will add an elegant touch to your spa, outdoor bar, wedding, catering event or party décor. They will also eliminate concerns over accidental breakage, theft or loss too!

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The crystal-clear and strong +R700Y-G  Vegware™ 24-ounce compostable beer glasses feature an award winning Green Leaf Band and are also used for non-alcoholic cold drinks, desserts, fruit, salads or snacks. They come packed 50 cups per poly sleeve, 20 sleeves per carton (1000).

If you will be serving shots, try these strong, crystal clear +VWPP1 Vegware 1-ounce compostable portion cups.  They are also ideal for cold dressings, sauces, sampling and juice shots. They are packed 100 cups per poly sleeve, 50 sleeves per carton (5000).

Vegware™ economical Cold Beverage Glasses complement both casual and formal settings. They’re  a great addition to any indoor or outdoor reception or catered event. Order these today and you’ll spend more time at the party and less time at the sink - simply dispose them in the garbage along with the food scraps. Don't be surprised if these compostable drinking cups from Vegware™ turn out to be the talk of the event!

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