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Stop Tucking Yours

Grab Guard Protective Sheets Stand Guard When You Need to Go!

Barrier Sheets For Public Door Handles

Using a Sleeve to Grab Bathroom Door HandlesIndividuals suffering from mysophobia, also known as verminophobia, germophobia, germaphobia, bacillophobia and bacteriophobia pretty much scrutinize every item they come in contact with.  These individuals are very hesitant to use, or even touch publically shared items or surfaces such handrails, elevator buttons, light switches, door handles, staplers, escalator rails or fixtures. But germo or not, there’s one surface no one likes to touch and it’s public lavatory door knobs and handles!

Stop Using Your Sleeve

Have you ever witnessed an individual tucking their hand inside their sleeve to grab a handle? They do this because touching a dirty bathroom handle or knob after washing the hands not only defeats the purpose, it can cross-contaminate. High volume public lavatories, especially those located in amusement parks, airports, casinos, professional sporting events, restaurants, movie theaters can easily spread and compound germs fast!

Touched all day, everyday commonly touched surfaces are a breeding ground and catalyst for acquiring disease causing viruses and bacteria like salmonella, strep, staph, e. Coli, MRSA and the common cold or flu. Germs can enter our bodies through the mouth, nose, eyes and breaks in the skin without our even knowing we've been infected. Germs can be transferred from inanimate surfaces to hands and vice-versa. Some germs can live on dry surfaces for several hours and moist surfaces for up to three days.

Promote Good Hygiene & Reduce Germ Transfers

Disposable surface barrier products help safeguard against cross contamination and elevate infection control levels easily, quickly and affordably. If you are searching for an affordable solution to grabbing public bathroom facuets and door handles, check out these Grab Guard™ surface barrier sheets!

Consumer AppreciatedGrab Guard Protective Surface Barrier Sheets

Grab Guard™ barrier sheets reduce surface contact and are designed for use as a quick, easy barrier between your hands and commonly touched publicly shared surfaces. Grab Guard™ protective surface sheets are ideal for pubic lavatories, office lobbies, breakrooms for use on dirty items such as door handles, door knobs, staplers, keypads, light switches, microwave handles, coffee pot handles and elevator buttons.

One-At-A-Time Dispenser Easily Mounts on Any Smooth Surface

Grab Guard™ is a thin 4-in x 8-in protective tissue paper that easily dispense one sheet at-a-time from a mountable dispenser box. Each dispenser box is made with a built-in poly film dust layer and features optional double-sided tape. Grab Guard™ will not harm sensitive glass surfaces such as touchscreens and keypads. The box mounts easily to any smooth surface.

Prevent the Spread of Germs and mount a box or two of these Protective Surface Barrier Sheets outside and inside the public lavatory, but first you need to …

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