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Abbi® Super-Absorbent Cotton Alternative Products

Lint-Free and Versatile, Use Abbi® To Prevent Cross-Contamination In Areas Where Fluid Management Is Needed To Clean or Mop Up Excess Fluids

Dry, clean and slip-free floors are critical for personal safety, infection control and efficiency all of which impact profitability.  Containing and handling vast amounts of contaminated fluids is important during surgeries and examinations but it can be difficult to do safely, especially in a busy operating room.

Studies show that 1 in 10 hospitalized patients will acquire an infection after admission resulting in additional patient risks, inconvenience and substantial costs for the healthcare facility. Hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s) can arise from cross-contamination from other patients and hospital staff and transmission of pathogens from items within the hospital setting through the air, surfaces, food, drugs or fluid.

Fluid has the most important implication in the spread of contaminates as it can easily seep or slope to the floors, through instruments and equipment and via surgical staff. From the O.R. to the E.R. and surgery centers to exam rooms and pharmAbbi Lint Free Super Absorbent Mats and OR Towelsacy compounding, fluid management is critical in managing cross-contamination and is critical for faster room turnover that impacts profitability and efficiency.



Graham Medical®, a leading manufacturer and marketer of single-use products for the healthcare industry, has introduced a superior fluid management solution for healthcare facilities with their ABBI® product line. Graham Medical’s superabsorbent, virtually lint-free disposable Abbi® product line includes multi-use operating room (O.R.) mats that minimize the risk of cross-contamination. They’re constructed of a blue spunlace/nonwoven material to provide optimal absorbency, ultra-low linting, softness and durability.

Absorbing 10x their weight in liquid, Abbi® super absorbent products are quick and efficient in preventing messes, as well as cleaning up after them. Select Abbi® for areas where fluid management is needed to absorb water-based liquids such as iodine solution, irrigation fluid, amniotic fluid, urine and blood in a safe, hygienic way that prevents cross-contamination.

Available in two sizes, place Abbi® Mats in areas where fluid management is needed. Abbi® Single-Use Absorbent Mats feature an anti-skid poly backing that holds to surface for ease of equipment repositioning and to help keep floors dry, clean and slip-free. They can be used to clean or mop up excess fluids, aiding in quick and efficient room turnover. They also can be used as a bath mat on the floor.

Abbi® Single-Use Absorbent Towels provide optimal absorbency and are ultra-low linting making them perfect for multi-faceted medical applications. They’re a very affordable alternative to traditional cotton towel solutions and combine optimal softness, fast absorption with reliable performance.  

Soak Up the Benefits

  • Absorbs up to 10X its weight in liquid
  • Optimal softness, durability and absorbency
  • Lightweight and easy to store and transport
  • Reduce laundry costs with disposable products
  • Multi-faceted for a variety of medical applications
  • Cost-efficient alternative
  • Single-use minimizes risk of cross-contamination
  • Superior quality made from spunlace blend using hydro-entangled technology
  • Virtually lint-free, leaving nothing behind
  • Latex-free to avoid allergic reactions
  • EtO-, gamma-, and steam-sterilizable
  • Made in the USA

Reach for Abbi® super absorbent products to reduce laundry costs, minimize cross-contamination and provide health care practitioners with a cleaner, drier and safer operating or examination room environment. When filled with absorbed content, ABBI® products can be hygienically removed and disposed of without dripping.

Graham Medical® is a subsidiary of Little Rapids Corporation of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a leading marketer and manufacturer of single-use products for physician offices, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, chiropractic offices, emergency services, and hospitals. The company’s core product lines serve the medical and beauty market segments under the Graham Professional® brand. Their product categories include drapes and stretcher sheets, specialty garments, EMS blankets, pillows and pillow cases, patient transport units, capes and gowns, exam table paper, professional towels and washcloths, and other complementary products such as Abbi® Mats and Towels.  Now all you need to do is tap the link and …

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