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USA Made Neoprene Chemical Protection GlovesGuardian™ 30-mil Neoprene Glovebox Gloves - 8-inch port

For some men and women, protecting their hands against something extreme is not a worry on their mind. For those working with unknown and possibly dangerous chemicals, pathogens and contaminants, thinking about selecting the right material to protect their hands and self can be proven a matter of health, illness, or even death.

Neoprene Gloves for use in High-Risk Infectious Diseases

Every day medical researchers are exposed to and come into contact with contaminated materials such as blood, body fluids and viruses that can be very high risk. Also, anyone working in any kind of procedures where there is a lot of hand movement, fine detail work or use of surgical instruments, having a chemical-resistant glove that is durable, fitted, and flexible is necessaryfor pesonal safety and compliance.
During use, Neoprene gloves have great exterior protection that prevents any fluids or vapors from leaking or seeping into the glove. There is also no rubber protein and very low chances of the staff or patients having an allergic reaction to the gloves. Also, with such a high chemical resistance, Neoprene gloves are ideal for surgical work and laboratory tasks, and are already used by bio-teams and laboratories all over the world.

With its Wide Variety of Uses, Neoprene Won't Let You Down

Made by chemists, for chemists; Polychloroprene was developed in the 1930's as an alternative to rubber that was resistant to oils. Neoprene is DuPont's brand name for the Polychloroprene material, and what it is known most as. The material is also stretchable, and resistant to water, chemicals, sun damage, tears, abrasions, and punctures, giving it a wide variety of uses.
Specifically, neoprene gloves are flame retardant and are resistant to a wide variety of acids, petroleum, bases, oils, alcohols, fuels, peroxides, hydrocarbons, phenols, solvents and caustic agents, making them ideal for use in the industrial and medical fields. They offer snug fit and excellent flexibility best for fine detail work. They also come in a variety of levels of protection and are flame resistant for added benefits and versatility. You don't need to dispose neoprene gloves after use - simply rinse clean and hang dry.
Going further, Guardian™ Manufacturing has gone above and beyond to extend the length of the normal Neoprene glove and created a full arm length Neoprene dry box glove that is more commonly used in laboratories and isolation chambers. Guardian™ also manufactuerers a line of butyl chemical protection gloves. Select butyl safety gloves for excellent breakthrough times against a broad range of aggressive hazardous chemicals, biological and radiological threats. Select neoprene safety gloves for good to excellent breakthrough times against a broad range aggresive hazardous chemicals and biological threats.

Neoprene Glove Options

Laboratory work, food handling, hunting, fishing, and boating are just a few uses Neoprene gloves are ideal for. With such a wide variety of uses, Guardian™ Manufacturing offers Neoprene gloves in different lengths, sizes, and thickness to make sure the user gets the best fit possible from the glove they will depend on.
Here are some of the Guardian Neoprene selections:
  • Variety of mil-thickness
  • Hand sizes 8-12
  • Curved hand style
  • Smooth texture
  • Styles: Neoprene Commercial short gloves, Neoprene Dry Box Gloves

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Manufactured Willard Ohio USA, these Neoprene gloves are made with a unique solution-dipped process and hold the best of the years of research and commitment that have gone into making them to be of the safest choice for their range of uses.  If you would like to view glove test results, simply follow this link.
These safety gloves are manufactured with a unique solution-dipped process, providing unparalleled hand protection for users. Tight molecular structures are the key to chemical impermeability. Guardian's state-of-the-art microprocessors provide accurate controls every step of the way, from mixing our proprietary compounds... to dipping... to drying and curing, in order to attain the necessary strength.

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