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Handi Stretch Wrap | Plastic Stretch FilmImage result of MDS Hand Stretch Wrap - 5in x 1000ft Rolls

Protective Poly Film Wrap for Moving, Shipping and Storage

Moving can be an exciting time but for most people, packing is never fun. For the homeowner it means patrolling for moving boxes, gathering old newsprint, purchasing sealing tape and thinking of creative ways of protecting the larger household items so they won't be damaged during transit.
There is a protective product available that individuals and businesses are using to secure, bind, fasten and bundle items destined for the storage unit or for the moving truck.
Handy-Wrap™ Plastic Shrink Wrap is being used as an alternative to strapping, tape, twine or wire.  These 5 inch rolls of industrial-strength clear stretch film are very effective, easy to use, and economical and the 1000 foot roll goes a long way!
Hand Stretch Shrink Wrap self-adheres to all surfaces, sizes, shapes and won't leave any residue. It is awesome for wrapping, bundling and protecting items or surfaces from dust, dirt and scratches. Use for those larger items that won't fit into boxes or for odd shaped items such as:
  • Rugs                                                   
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Electronics (TV, receivers, speakers)
  • Lawn Tools
  • Picture Frames
  • Items with Delicate Surfaces
Poly Hand Wrap keeps doors and drawers sealed shut and also protects surfaces prone to damage during transport and delivery. Furniture and appliance stores traditionally used some type of sealing tape to keep items secured, but removing tape often jeopardized the surface's finish or left a tacky residue.   Many delivery services are incorporating the use of plastic film wrap the secure and protect items such as:
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Dressers
  • Hutches
  • Cairo Cabinets
  • Recliners
  • Kitchen Chairs
  • Bed Headboards

Simple and Quick to Use

Moving Stretch Wrap sticks only to itself and requires heat sealing.   Insert the plastic handle into the roll's core, peel back the film's edge, stretch and wrap - it's that easy. And, for additional protection, layer the film to create a thicker layer of protection. 


  • 5" width x 1000 foot length roll
  • 3" inner cardboard core
  • Includes one plastic dispenser handle
  • Clear color
  • High Tensile 80 Gauge thicknesses (20.3 Micron)

Available for purchase by the roll or for a better price, buy a master carton of 12 rolls. Contact MDS for other shrink wraps available but not listed or to place an order today!
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