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The SHOWA® 381 Glove is So  Comy, Tactile &  Grippy!

These ultra-lightweight work gloves feature microfiber technology to provide optimum tactility when working on delicate projects.


Wearing hand protection P.P.E. keeps operators safe, that is IF they wear it of course. Unfortunately individuals chose to remove their protective equipment when on the job and this can lead to a serious hand injury. Heat buildShowa® 381 Foam Nitrile Coated Grip Gloves *-up, comfort, tactility and fit are some of the reasons many opt out of wearing their hand protection. For a growing segment of workers, the lack of touchscreen compatibility has them swiping rather than protecting.

Selecting the proper work glove for the job is critical to productivity, safety success and lower compensation claims but with so many gloves available, navigating through the selection process can be overwhelming. If you're searching for an ultra-lightweight general purpose super-grip glove with flexibility, comfort and optimum tactility when working on delicate projects then keep reading!


If you seeking hand protection for your crew, we would like to introduce the SHOWA® 381. When you slide your hand into this work glove, you might not want to take it off. Seriously folks, it is that comfortable!

These 381 ultra-lightweight gloves are ideal for extended wear applications. Designed with flexibility, breathability and comfort in mind, this work glove has an engineered seamless knit microfiber shell that reduces palm sweat in warm environments and feels amazing against the skin.

Ergonomically designed and snug fitting, it weighs only 19 grams with a finger thickness of just 0.84mm so you can be ensured optimum tactility when working on delicate projects.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 70 percent of workers experiencing hand injuries were not wearing work gloves at the time. And the remaining 30 percent of injured workers were not wearing the right type of glove. If you do some research into those injury reports, you will learn that these accidents are occurring during brief moments when work gloves are removed for precision with a specific task, updating data on a tablet or to allow the hands a moment to breathe. It can be that easy for an injury or accident to happen.

The cost of one incident that could have been prevented by workers wearing the right glove often far exceeds the cost of an entire hand protection program. The National Safety Council offers the following as a guide:

  • Direct cost of a laceration: $10,000
  • Stitches: $2,000 plus indirect
  • Butterfly: $300
  • Severed Tendon: > $70,000

Don’t let the thin construction of the SHOWA® 381 fool you. This glove is a serious work horse designed by world leading glove engineers for highly abrasive tasks. With an ANSI level 6 abrasion-resistant rating you can expect to wear these gloves for a while.


Another unique feature of this SHOWA® 381 is the palm coated grip.  A closer look will reveal an innovative waffle pattern that when combined with a nitrile foam coating, produces a powerful, secure grip wet or dry. This microporous palm coating performs like tiny microscopic suction cups that channel fluids enabling better surface-to-surface contact.


Lastly, these SHOWA® 381 general duty work gloves are touchscreen compatible so employees can swipe, text or scroll without having to remove their gloves.  Regardless of the industry, having sizable control over your dexterity and specific movement can be equally as important as staying protected. When you’re in need of a more exact touch, the right touchscreen glove can protect against workplace hazards without sacrificing needed functionality.

We encourage you to sample this glove and try it for yourself. Prevention and compliance is only a click away. Simply tap the link and …

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