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Suck & Solidify Secretions with These Single-Use Suction CanistersDynarex® DynaVac™ Suction Canisters

Healthcare providers rely on various methods and technologies such as suction to remove blood, saliva, vomit, gasses and other harmful foreign materials from a patient’s lungs, mouth, throat, stomach or open wound.  A suction canister is a temporary storage container that’s used to collect this infectious medical waste until it is disposed of properly.

In a hospital setting, suction canisters are usually seen attached to the wall of the patient’s room or in close proximity to the patient’s bed. Suction canisters are also used by first responders and emergency medical technicians and are located inside EMS vehicles.

In many healthcare settings, suction is typically provided by regulators, connected to a central medical vacuum supply. Solidifying agents are typically added to the canister after it is full or pre-installed inside the canister before use. This is an important risk prevention step, because  leaks  or  spillage  during  storage  or  disposal  are  hazardous to patients, workers, and the environment.


Provide your staff with hygienic, safe collection and disposal of aspirated liquid medical waste with Dynarex®  DynaVac suction canisters.  Available in two capacities, DynaVac single-use hi-flow canisters are packaged with lids while the 4671 suction canister kit also includes tubing.  The 4675 EMS canister is specifically designed to fit with all EMS vehicles.

These suction canisters feature measurement graduations, a self-sealing filter preventing backflow, as well as an ultrasonically welded float valve and foam guard to prevent premature shutoff. The pre-assembled lids on the suction canisters include a patient port with 20 degree angle to prevent the tubing from kinking. These canisters do not require a separate adapter for use.


Fluid waste generated from medical suction is classified as medical waste; it can be either infectious waste or hazardous waste or both. Safe handling is critical throughout the collection and disposal process. Solidifying the waste reduces the possibility of exposure or contamination.


Suction canisters and fluid solidifiers work together, but each require separate purchasing and inventory management. Save time, space and energy managing infectious medical waste. You can now purchase suction canisters that include the appropriate number of liquid absorber packets. These popular 15 gram (750cc) self-bursting Sanisorb® liquid absorbers quickly solidify medical fluids into a gel like state making it safer to handle, transport and dispose.

Disposable fluid collection systems with or without solidifiers reduce exposure to cross contamination and the risk of spillage at the point of care. They also reduce handling, inventory and money spent on sterilizing and disinfecting reusable canisters. But take of word for it, just hit the button and ....

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