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Cut-Resistant Gloves Approved for Food Contact     Superior Glove® Sure Knit® Food Glove

When it comes to preparing meat, fish, vegetables or poultry in the kitchen or restaurant,  protecting the hands against cuts, abrasions and slices is always a priority, but selecting a cut-resistant glove can be difficult. A good chef needs the hands to be comfortable and they need their safety gloves to be dexterous and highly tactile. Another rising demand in the kitchen is automation. Many appliances and electronics have touchscreens and removing gloves to activate the screen is both time-consuming and very dangerous when holding a sharp instrument. 

Selecting too heavy of a glove can translate to low productivity or items dropped while too thin of gloves leaves the worker susceptible to hand injury. And just important, is selecting a cut-resistant glove that's approved for food contact as cleanliness is critical in minimizing the risk of contamination.

Introducing the Perfect Cut-Resistant Food Industry Glove

Superior Glove® Sure Knit® Canadian Made food gloves are constructed with a soft, snug fitting and lightweight proprietary composite yarn that features a high-performing blend of fibers. These gloves have so much to offer you:

1. They meet FDA Standards for food contact use

2. They are treated with Ultra-Fresh to achieve 99.9% antimicrobial status that remains intact for five complete wash cycles. 

3. They are high-pressure steam treated with Size-Lock to prevent glove shrinkage

4. The cuff edges are melted with heat sealable yarn to prevent cuff fraying  

5. They are ANSI A7 Cut Rated AND ANSI 3 Abrasion Rated

6. They are compatible with touchscreen devices 

7. Constructed with latex-free materials

These #S10SXB  Sure Knit® Cut-Resistant Food Gloves are sold by the individual glove (worn on the non-cutting hand) but are so inexpensive, we suggest buying a pair!  Perfect for beef/pork/poultry/ fish processing, cleaning and changing stationary slicer blades in supermarkets and delis, food and vegetable processing (sorting, cleaning, paring), canning, food processing and in kill and process areas.  Available in sizes XS (6), S (7), M (8), L (9), 10 (XL), 11 (XXL). +PDF.


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