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TenActiv™ Work GlovesHot Selling Coated Cut Safety Gloves

Superior Glove® has created the TenActiv™ series of industrial work gloves - a popular selling line of cut-resistant hand protection that customers sure seem to appreciate. And after hearing all the buzz, I did a little closer research to see what made these TenActiv™ Brand of gloves one of the hottest-selling glove lines in North America.

Winner of four prestigious awards, The TenActiv™ style of cut-protection gloves feature a state-of-the-art knitted shell that snugs the curves and folds of the hand for amazing dexterity, great freedom of movement and amazing all-day wearing comfort. This knit shell is also completely seamless which eliminates any internal stitching that rubs against and irritates the skin while working.

Constructed in a  variety of blends, Superior Glove®'s proprietary knit yarns feature high-strength composite filament fibers and this translates to unbeatable cut-resistance, longevity, comfort and dexterity. The TenActiv™ high-strength composite filament fibers are manufactured in such a way that it prevents any fibers from poking through the glove and into the hand.

All TenActiv™ gloves feature lint-free, continuous filament yarn that's stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis but feel so much lighter than conventional type cut gloves. I slipped on a pair of Award Winning S18TAFGFN Tenactiv™ 18-Gauge Composite Knit Gloves and thought I was wearing a cut level A2 glove. Turns out this S18TAFGFN TenActiv™ safety glove was actually a cut level A4 and as a safety bonus, they are compatible with touchscreen devices!

TenActiv™ Heavy 18-Gauge Composite Gloves with ZedCoat™Designed to meet a range of work applications, Superior Glove® offers the TenActiv™ series in nearly 30 different glove styles.


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TenActiv™ seamless knit gloves are available with back-of-the-hand impact-protection, hi-visibility colors, plain (non-coated) versions and with different palm coatings and textures so operators can match a glove to the job. Selections of palm coatings include foam nitrile, polyurethane (PU), micropore nitrile or their new highly abrasion resistant Zedcoatgreen nitrile palm coating. Choose a smooth textured surface when working with small, delicate parts or a textured grip when working with fluids or slippery components.

If you browse the TenActiv™ line-up, you will notice that many styles are multi-dimensional meaning they have additional ANSI Safety Ratings such as certified puncture-resistance AND abrasion-resistance levels.  And lastly,  there are styles that are even touchscreen compatible which eliminates operators having to remove their gloves... and this elevates safety compliance!

A true innovator in hand protection, Superior Glove® is able to provide stellar cut safety for the hands all at a great price. I now understand why many have switched to the TenActiv™ series of gloves when it comes to wearing cut protection all-day, everyday. But don't take our word for it, why don't you ...

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