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Made with Recycled Material, All Day® Bio-Based Sleeve Protectors Protect the Environment

U.S. landfill is overflowing with 2 million tons of discarded P.E.T. water bottles. Read how one global supplier of personal protective equipment (P.P.E.) is doing their part to reduce environmental impact by diverting landfill.


Wells Lamont Industrial is an industry leader in cut-resistant and flame-resistant sleeves and armguards. They understand the significance of landfill and environmental impact and in response, created the All Day® brand of industrial sleeve protectors.

These first of its kind personal safety sleeves are helping to recycle some 50 billion water bottles a year or 100 million plastic water bottles Americans buy every day and converting these into recycled yarn technologies.

Safety doesn't stop at hand protection for many industrial applications such as packaging, small parts assembly, food service and even welding. Countless burns, scrapes and cuts can occur if arms aren't properly protected, which can lead to serious harm as well as decreased productivity. Leaving arms exposed is just as dangerous as not wearing gloves, and protective sleeves keep the arms and wrists from laceration injuries while elevating safety compliance.

Wells Lamont All Day® zknitted A2 Cut Safety Recycled Sleeve ProtectorsDIVERTING LANDFILL

Diverting material that normally would go to landfill, Wells Lamont is utilizing recycled P.E.T. water bottles that are shredded and extruded as a fiber then combined with recycled polyester yarns (rPET) to construct bio-based yarns used in the creation of All Day® safety industrial sleeve protectors.

All Day® sleeves provide ANSI Cut Level A2 protection for the wrist and arms. Lightweight, extremely comfortable and cool against the skin, these industrial knitted sleeve protectors perform, feel and protect like their conventional counterparts.  


The entire life cycle of bottled water uses fossil fuels, contributes to global warming, and causes plastic pollution such as microplastics. Drastically reduce your ecological footprint while simultaneously working towards a more sustainable future. All Day® armguards include options for various sleeve lengths and thumbholes so you can match the best protection for the job.

Now you can cover your team with sustainable protection while protecting the environment with PPE made from recycled water bottles destined for landfill.  All Day® sleeves provide arm safety while protecting the environment. Lightweight construction provides all day comfort and fit. Better comfort, less heat build-up with environmental benefits will translate to increased employee acceptance further reducing the potential for injury.

All Day® sleeves are proudly made in USA. You can divert landfill, protect your team and support America with industrial sleeve protectors made for Americans by Americans!  Prevention is just a click away. All you need to do tap the link and …

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