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If You’re Searching for Wet Wipes, Check Out WipesPlus®

The Industry’s Broadest Selection of Wet Wipe Solutions

Progressive Products WipesPlus Brand of Wet Wipes

We'd like to introduce Progresive Products. Headquartered in Rye Brook New York, Progressive Products is the leader in wet wipes manufacturing, producing the most complete line of wet wipes for any surface in commercial, household and retail settings.

If you’ve shopped for commercial cleaners or cruised down an aisle of cleaning products or personal care items in a super store or market, then chances are you’ve seen their products. WipesPlus® is the trademarked brand name of an extensive line of FDA and EPA registered and approved wet wipes and dispensers. Some stores carry products under their trademarked name, while others are their products and you wouldn’t know it - several of the world’s top named brands rely on their manufacturing but we can't tell who!

Progressive Products offer a full line of textured wet wipes that are gentle and effective cleaning solutions in any environment and on any surface. WipesPlus® provides specialty wipes for food service areas, educational institutions, healthcare environments, gyms, retail, public spaces, for the home plus hand and body wipes for infants and adults.

Since 1998, Progressive Products have continued to expand the WipesPlus® product line to offer the broadest line of wet wipe solutions. With their modern manufacturing facilities with high-speed equipment, to an expansive and strong distribution network with nationwide coverage, they take a leadership role in introducing new and innovative wet wipes and dispensing solutions but never lose sight of service and quality.

Progressive Products has proven their ability to conceive, create, manufacture and bring to market successful wipe based products of exceptional quality and value. Expanding and growing the WipesPlus® product line has served as a solid foundation, affording Progressive Products to entice industry experts and invest in high-tech modern manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities.

Progressive Products - WipesPlusAccreditations


Wet Wipes Manufacturing

Progressive Products high standards for quality manufacturing are supported by  in-house Quality Control team, who inspect raw materials from our suppliers and QC production to ensure consistency in the efficacy and efficiencies of their products. They have plants both domestically and internationally that are EPA and FDA registered.


Each wet wipes application calls for a formulation that meets the requirements and restrictions for its intended use. Partnering with top quality suppliers and experienced wet wipes specialists, together they develop the perfect formulation that meet any wet wipes demands.

Full Spectrum Disinfecting

  • Hospital/Surgical Grade Disinfecting
  • Food Contact Sanitizing
  • Hand Sanitizing w/Alcohol
  • Hand Sanitizing w/BZK
  • OTC Products
  • Personal care products such as baby wipes, patient cloths, and flushable wipes

WipesPlus® brand has proven to be effective and efficient, paving the way for Private Label clients. Progressive Products manufacture wet wipe solutions for:

  • The food service industry with specialized wipes that are safe wherever food is prepared and enjoyed
  • Hospital surgical wipes when cross contamination containment is critical
  • Disinfecting wipes used in schools, gyms, supermarkets, convenience stores and other high traffic areas where germs pose a health risk
  • Sanitizing wipes for hands and surfaces
  • Specialty patient wipes and baby wipes
  • And offer a wide range of dispensers for any location, making the wipes convenient to access and to encourage use

Progressive Products has the resources and facilities, years of experience and a proven track record of innovative, cost effective, quality production.  They offer a full service, turn key operation with a solid reputation as wet wipes experts and can be the perfect addition to your team. Now all you need to do is click the link and …

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