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4/5/2020 WORLD PANDEMIC   COVID-19 Coronavirus update:  1,273,709 confirmed cases | 69,546 reported deaths  | 45,4592 in critical condition

4/5/2020 WORLD PANDEMIC   COVID-19 Coronavirus update:  1,273,709 confirmed cases | 69,546 reported deaths  | 45,4592 in critical condition

Moisturize Dry, Irritated Hands with AlloGel® Patented Nitrile Glove Coating

(Discontinued Product)

Ideal for Operators Who Regularly Wear Impervious Gloves Latex-Free Nitrile Gloves with AlloGel

Single-use gloves are beneficial when it comes to protecting the skin against chemicals, contamination or infection, in the medical profession as well as food handling, disposable gloves keep everyone safer because they minimize the spread of germs and bacteria. Disposable medical gloves are impermeable to liquids and consequently are hot to wear. The heat that's created causes the hands to sweat and for those PPE wearers who regulary wear single-use gloves, this can cause the hands to become dry and irritated over time and this could lead to a medical condition such as Dermatitis. If left unchecked, Dermatitis can develop into to a career threatening injury.
Prevention is crucial for healthy skin and consistent daily moisturizing helps protect the skin and fights dry, brittle skin but a regiment can sometimes be difficult to upkeep. It's important to be proactive rather than reactive - many professionals only start to moisturize once they notice a hot spot but unfortunately this is often too late.
In case you didn't know, there are non-latex nitrile exam gloves available with a patented moisturizing inner coating referred to asAlloGel® . This AlloGel® technology only releases moisturizing agents while the glove is being worn and it won't leave any trace residue or make the hands sticky when you remove the gloves. Your hands will feel refreshed and soft. AlloGel® is made with three ingredients:
  1. Allantoin ... is a product found naturally in many plants including wheat germ and comfrey roots. An exceptional healing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritating agent, the addition of Allantoin to formulations results in softer, suppler skin. Allantoin is also a valuable cell proliferating and healing agent which stimulates healthy tissue formation by promoting and accelerating the natural cell regeneration processes of the skin.
  2. Collagen ... is a high purity marine derived product, naturally produced in the marine environment. It is produced via and enzymatic process creating high compatibility with human cells. Collagen improves the moisture content of skin due to its film forming and moisture binding properties. It is effective at all pH levels
  3. Silicone ... Silicone Polymer has barrier and unique glove donning properties. A thin layer of silicone helps separate the skin from the synthetic material of a glove. It also helps to seal in the moisture and known therapeutic properties of Allantoin and Collagen on to the user's skin.
The AlloGel® inner moisturizing coating is paired up with three distinctly colored innovative Nitrile Examination Gloves making them perfect for color-coding departments, personal, or production lines. Powder-free, 100% latex-free, micro-textured and 3-mil thick, they are strong, tactile, healthier to wear and ideal for dental, medical EMT, tattoo/piercing, labs, pharmaceutical, research. You can shop or view the glove products with AlloGel® inner coating below:
  • AlloGel® Magenta™ Nitrile-Perfect® Exam Gloves
  • AlloGel® BlueMax™ Nitrile-Perfect® Exam Gloves
  • AlloGel® Copper® Nitrile-Perfect® Exam Gloves
When it comes to soft, supple skin, a daily moisturizing regimen helps the skin stay hydrated and switching to Allogel® gloves will help you accomplish healthier hands. Understand there could be other factors that contribute to poor skin conditions and that there are other solutions that can assist operators acheive proper hand hygiene.
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