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What Does Skin Health Alliance® (SHA) Accredited Mean?

Versatile and affordable, single-use gloves are commonly worn by professionals in healthcare, EMS, food processing, tattoo, laboratory and dental medicine for its’ protective barrier properties. Single-use gloves are not only essential to protecting the hands from contaminatSkin Health Alliance Logoion or infection, but they can help keep environments cleaner as they minimize the spread or cross-contamination of germs and bacteria.

Unfortunately the glove designed to protect a wearer’s hands can inadvertently cause harm to the skin, especially if the wearer has delicate skin. Let us explain.

Disposable medical gloves are impermeable to liquids and consequently hot to wear. Because impervious type gloves do not allow the skin to breath, this causes the hands to perspire heavily. For some P.P.E. wearers, sweat can cause dry and irritated skin over time which could lead to a medical condition such as dermatitis/eczema. If skin conditions worsen, it can have devastating effect to one’s health and career.

Single-Use Nitrile Gloves Verifiably Safe for Sensitive Skin

If you have fragile or sensitive skin, the gloves you wear matter. If you are shopping for skin-friendly nitrile gloves then you should take note that SW® Sustainable Solutions provides professional glove wearers with latex-free nitrile exam glove products that are dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance (SHA).

The Skin Health Alliance is the world’s leading skin health accreditation body and earning recognition from SHA means fulfilling a set of strict skin safety requirements that are put in place by an independent team of reputable dermatologists and skin scientists. Together they aim to promote skin health education and ensure products or brands meet the highest scientific standards of skin safety.










“82% of Consumers are More Likely to Trust a Product’s Claim If It’s SHA Accredited”

Today’s consumers want to understand more about the products they use. They are looking for reassurance that a brand’s expertise runs deeper than its marketing claims. Simply put, they want to know they can trust the brands they choose to invest in. The Skin Health Alliance accreditation enables brands to bring science to the fore…a simple and accessible method of communication on pack, on screens and across media.

The Skin Health Alliance logo is not a superficial claim but rather a stamp of dermatological expertise rooted in science. SHA is the world’s leading not-for-profit skin health accreditation entity that aims to promote products that meet the highest scientific standards in skin safety that you can trust on. They have accredited companies from the likes of Venus, Gillette, TIDE, Pampers and Olay.

The SHA accreditation is an instant way for consumers to recognize that a product meets the highest standards of skin safety. These requirements are set by renowned independent dermatologists, not brands or manufacturers using scientific review to analyze ingredients, clinical trial data and proof of efficacy.

Put The Best Gloves On the Hands of Your Employees

SW® has been the premier manufacturer of sustainable single-use gloves for decades and was the first hand safety manufacturer to carry the globally recognized SHA symbol on single-use nitrile gloves, a sign that it always value putting the hand health and safety of customers first. Their single-use styles continuously push the boundaries of quality, while innovative materials and manufacturing technologies enhance worker performance and fuel business success.

If you suffer with sensitive skin or have a key employee who suffers from the same, put your trust in SW® Sustainable Solution’s Skin Health Alliance accredited single-use nitrile gloves today!

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