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Disposable Gloves Ruining Your Skin?

Gloves Infused with Moisturizers Offer Preventive Alternatives to Traditional Gloves

Many professions require workers to wear disposable gloves as they serve A irritated hand resting on top of a gloved handmultiple purposes; they protect the wearer from hazardous or infectious materials, or help maintain hand cleanliness when working with paints, grease and other staining substances. They also protect products from cross-contamination – think pharmaceuticals, food service and clean rooms.

The problem is that disposable gloves can do quite a number on your hands, especially if you are changing gloves several times a day, interspersed with frequent hand washing.

Healthcare professionals, clean room employees and those preparing food know how wearing gloves the majority of the day affect hands, from cracking and drying to rashes and infections. Anti-bacterial gels are filled with alcohol, only making that option worse.


Aside from the very real dangers of latex allergies, impermeable gloves impact wearers by drying out the hands. When you wear a single-use glove, your skin produces moisture in that enclosed environment. That moisture does not evaporate the way sweat does over the rest of your body. Instead, perspiration stays trapped in the glove creating an excess of moisture.

If gloves maintain moisture, that’s good, right? No. The moisture in the gloves signals your hands to stop producing the natural oils that keep skin healthy and soft. These areas of moisture can also quickly turn into rashes and infections, as warm and damp is the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Over-moisturizing afterwards can easily make things worse, aggravating sore spots and convincing your body enough moisture is present, when in effect it is only temporary. 

Say goodbye to these problems and protect your most important tools – your hands.  MDS is pleased to offer a series of coated gloves that moisturize hands without any residue during use, greatly increasing the hydration your skin receives.


SW Sustainable Solutions provides a line of EcoTek® biodegradable latex-free nitrile gloves that feature EnerGel® enhanced hydration retention technology. The proprietary EnerGel® moisturizing technology is designed to improve hand health and counter the effects associated with the wearing of disposable hand protection and available on:

PF-95GW      PowerForm® EcoTek® EnerGel® Green Nitrile Exam Gloves w/ Breach Alert™

PF-12WG       PowerForm® EcoTek® EnerGel® White Nitrile Exam Gloves w/ Breach Alert™ & Extended Cuffs

EnerGel® is a Skin Health Alliance (SHA) Accredited glove coating that delivers 2-times more skin moisturizing benefits than standard Aloe technology. EnerGel® penetrates deep into the skin layer deploying key Aloe polysaccharides helping to retain moisture. This proprietary coating actively manages the skin’s natural pH balance® to discourage microbial growth that can lead to infection.

Aloetex Latex Exam GlovesA more general-purpose exam glove, +Aloetex™ Latex Exam Gloves are coated with skin-soothing aloe that moisturizes the skin as the gloves are worn, soothing and moisturizing dry, chapped hands with no residue making these Dynarex® gloves perfect for professionals who change gloves frequently. The fingers are anti-slip textured for better gripping and the tapered cuff provides a more snug and comfortable fit around the wrist. Gloves are powder free and ambidextrous.


Last but certainly not least, +MaxiFlex® Active™ Grip Work Gloves feature an aloe vera and Vitamin E infused knit liner to protect those valuable hands. Breathable and ATG® formed to mimic the "Hand at Rest", MaxiFlex® Active™ palm coated gloves feature an ultra-light weight foam micro-cup finish, and a nitrile dip with seamless knit nylon liner for a cooler wear. Aloe Vera® and Vitamin E infused liner provides superior comfort and keeps the liner soft on the inside of the glove while the knit wrist ensures a snug fit. Designed to produce minimal lint and dust, they are also silicone free. Available in colors pink or blue.

When it comes to hand protection products, MDS offers the top styles and brands used everyday in virtually every industry.

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