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A chainsaw is a powerful, versatile and portable outdoor power tool that makes cutting fallen trees and branches much easier and faster to complete, but they are also very dangerous and can destroy flesh in an instant.

“There is No Such Thing as a Minor Chain Saw Cut”

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were more than 28,500 chainsaw injuries in 1999 with well over 35 percent occurring to the left hand and wrist with an average injury requiring 110 stitches. The number of chain saw injuries from all users (loggers, arborists, other professions, and homeowners), ranges anywhere from 40,000 to 90,000 each year for severe, non-fatal accidents, with deaths occurring in another 40 to 60 accidents.

Designed to prevent or lessen the severity of injuries to loggers and other tree care specialists using chain saws, the first step in industrial & chainsaw safety is wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for the head, ears, eyes, face, legs and of course the hands.Endura® High-Vis Chainsaw Safety Gloves | Superior Glove®

Endura® Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves

Designed for tree professionals, Superior Glove® has constructed the Endura® Hi-Viz Chainsaw Safety Gloves. Comfortable, dexterous and good looking, they feature an eight-layer lining of Kevlar® on the back of the left hand—a specific chain-arrest woven Kevlar®—that provides a level of cut resistance designed to withstand and stop a chainsaw running at 3140 feet per minute.

You may be asking yourself how can a work glove stop a chainsaw? Well, when the running chainsaw chews through the outer layer into the inner layer, the fibers are pulled out and then tangle into the saw's drive sprocket stopping the chain completely!

Other features include water-repellent, smooth yet grippy grain goatskin leather palms with built in anti-vibration reinforcement. Vibration syndrome causes frequent users of chain saws to get white knuckles and creates a loss of feeling in the fingers from the vibrations of the chain saw. Endura® Chainsaw Gloves have specially reinforced palms to improve wear while reducing vibration transfer to the hand substantially.

The hi-viz yellow backs are designed for optimal visibility and keep operators alert to their hand movements. It also allows one to convey concise hand signals to co-workers while in the woods, up a tree or on a lift.  Elasticized Velcro® cuff closure acts like a wrist support and improves comfort, while keeping out debris such as wood chips, saw dust and sweat from penetrating the glove’s interior. The glove backs are made with stretchy nylon/Lycra fabric, laminated with a water-repellent breathable membrane to keep hands dry and comfortable when working in wet conditions. Black knuckle pads protect against bumps and impacts.

No matter the work, there's always some risk of injury. That's why it's so important to make sure you're ready for whatever the work day brings by wearing the best safety gloves for the job. Affordably priced, they are less expensive than most medical co-pays and conveniently fit inside your chainsaw case! But don’t take our word for it, hit the button and...

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