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Compostable Bait Containers

by mdsassociates
Fri, Oct 4th 2019 08:00 am

Plastic Nightcrawler Container

Styrene or polystyrene is the industry name for the plastic foam that most of us call “Styrofoam”. Polystyrene and polyethylene products are made with petroleum, and a number of other non-sustainable, toxic and heavily-polluting ingredients. It’s essentially not recyclable and virtually never breaks down.

Walk along any creek, lake or pond and you’ll unfortunately notice these containers (and lids) polluting the waterways. Sadly, this litter will be there for years.

Bad for planet Earth, polystyrene and polyethylene bait containers are threatening wildlife, ruining scenic views and upsetting both land owners and nature lovers. We are proud to announce we have a better solution for our planet and waterways.

Made from PLA, a compostable plant-based material, polyactic acid is a plastic substrate made from fermented plant starch (corn). PLA based products are  fast becoming a popular alternative to traditional petroleum based products. Isn't it time you replace your food, dessert, soup, salad or bait container with ours?

These Vegware™ compostable containers are available with an optional lid in the following sizes:

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