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Straw Wars | The Saga Continues

by mdsassociates
Sat, Sep 19th 2020 08:00 am

Plastic Straws kill marine life and release toxic pollutantsFinally, the long awaited news many of us have been been waiting for has finally arrived - the slow re-opening of our bars and restaurants. It's also the best time for you to revalulate the ordering and marketing of your drinks.

Used once and then tossed in the garbage, Americans use millions of plastic straws and stirrers each day. Those straws litter our streets, lands, shorelines and oceans where they harm or kill marine life and release toxic pollutants. In the USA roughly 500 million plastic straws are used every day and are among the top 10 contributors to marine and shoreline debris pollution. Plastic straws and stir sticks do not biodegrade but break down into smaller microplastics that have made their way into our food chain and the deepest trenches of our oceans.

Fix the Mess with the Perfect Plastic Alternative

When harvested wheat straw is processed and cleaned, it can be easily used as an effective straw or stirrer! Our wheat hay drinking straws are made entirely by nature, from the stem of the wheat plant and are the perfect alternative to paper, plastic stirrers and straws! Wheat hay stick straws work well in hot or cold drinks, and remain firm in water for weeks at a time. And here's the best part, they often become the center of conversation and make a great impression on guests.

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