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North Sea® Waterproof Industrial Thermal Work Gloves

If you wash windows, clean gutters, detail cars, fish commercially or work in utilities, you North Sea® Brand Blue Waterproof Industrial Thermal Work Glovesmost likely already know that immersing your hands in water during cold weather conditions can be a brutal experience. Likewise, moisture penetrating through your gloves can also have drastic consequences.

Water assists in hypothermia (loss of body heat) and when combined with cold weather and wind chills, it can hinder productivity and contribute to frostbite. Frostnip and frostbite are real dangers that can occur on any part of the skin within minutes but selecting the right P.P.E. can keep you safe while on the job.

Locating an insulated waterproof winter work glove that will keep the hands dry and warm without cracking or stiffening is very challenging, but rest assured, we have the glove solutions for you! With these gloves you can fully submerse your hands all day  and remain comfortable.

Superior Glove® has a North Sea line of waterproof cold weather industrial chemical protection gloves that will get the job done!

North Sea™ Winter Nitrile Coated Gloves


North Sea™ Nitrile Coated Winter Gloves are simply awesome to wear and are available with two cuff options. The +North Sea™ N230FL Nitrile Coated Glove has a straight open cuff while the +North Sea™ N230FLK Nitrile Coated Glove features a thick and heavy ribbed stockinette cuff that keeps the glove securely in place while keeping the heat trapped inside. Both styles provide ANSI rated puncture resistance with ANSI rated abrasion resistance and can withstand chemicals and oils. These North Sea Nitrile Gloves are specially formulated for cold weather use and will stay ultra-pliable throughout. Highly dexterous, these waterproof winter work gloves allow operators to manipulate tools with ease. The sand-patch textured finish on the palm portion channels fluids away from the surface preventing slippage when wet. A full-fleece lining cushions the hands while keeping them dry and warm down to 5°F (-15°C).

Designed to resist water, oil and many chemicals, the +North Sea™ NS232NWC Black Nitrile Glove features an innovative drawstring closure option. Designed to be easily operated with one hand, the drawstring can be quickly cinched closed to prevent weather elements and/or moisture from traveling under the gloves and onto the hands. This North Sea™ NS232NWC has a soft and comfortable acrylic winter lining is both cold rated to 14°F/-10°C and ANSI level 2 heat rated to 284°F.

North Sea™ Winter PVC Gloves

If you are searching for a heavier waterproof glove that offers more warmth, then you need to check out Superior Glove® North Sea PVC Glove series. The +NS330 North Sea™ PVC Coated Gloves features an 12-inch length gauntlet cuff while the +NS300K North Sea PVC Coated Gloves have a knit cuff. The +North Sea™ NS300B PVC Coated Gloves have a safety cuff. These styles are a high-grade, low temperature (cold rated to 5ºF) industrial waterproof work glove that resists chemicals, oil and feature a triple layer of foam laminated insulation. Made with a roughened textured finish on the palm portion, these North Sea™ PVC gloves are formulated to remain flexible and crack resistant in the coldest of temperatures. The bright orange color is ideal for low light conditions and signals hand awareness while working.

North Sea™ Winter Polyurethane Gloves

The +North Sea™ NS230PU Polyurethane Coated Gloves looks like the North Sea™ PVC coated styles but the PU coating provides wearers with enhanced flexibility and an improved sense of feel. It is also ANSI rated against abrasion, punctures and cold rated to 5°F.

We have waterproof winter hand protection solutions for you. Consolidate to one glove and upgrade your team’s hand protection today! These North Sea™ gloves can tackle the most frigid conditions and protect the most important tools of the job!

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