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Wet, windy conditions offer their own challenges when it comes to industrial worker safety. For those that work outdoors, striking the right balance between performance and comfort in a work glove can be a tricky ordeal. New glove technologies are being implemented and it's reshaping industrial hand protection. STXWPNVB Superior Glove® TenActiv™ Micropore Nitrile Coated Impact Gloves -

Industrial safety work gloves and fluids don’t typically mix well and when gloves become saturated, they often become slippery and heavy to wear which leads to fatigue. Leave them on long enough and they become cold against the hands. Cold, wet or tired hands hinder productivity and are an accident waiting to happen! Specialized industrial hand protection can be the best tool in the toolbox!

Perhaps now is the time to consider presenting your team with this award winning industrial work safety glove. If you're a plumber, masonry, roofer, window washer, fence installer, tow operator, landscaper, commercial fishermen, automotive detailer, process meat, fish, poultry or handle metal items such as pipes, tools, posts, scaffolding, gutters and need extra impact protection in cold, windy or wet weather conditions, then be sure to check out these innovative industrial work safety gloves from Superior Glove®.

The TenActiv™ STXWPNVB Is A Serious Game Changer

Superior Glove® boasts a whole bunch of awards for industrial work safety gloves and sleeve protectors and it isn’t by fluke. The engineers over at Superior Glove® corporate headquarters love gloves and are consider the most innovative glove designers in the world. Working in corporate Q&A and R&D labs, glove engineers engage closely with their sales staff and customers to create a one of a kind industrial work safety gloves that results in multi-dimensional ANSI safety rated hand protection against a variety of workplace hazards.

The TenActiv™ STXWPNVB Palm Coated Knitted Work Glove is serious waterproof, windproof and breathable industrial hand protection. You won’t find these gloves at the local hardware store or Home Depot!

ANSI safety rated to protect against moderate impact hazards, these TenActiv™ gloves also provide 360° protection against moderate industrial lacerations and blunt puncture hazards such as a nail. The 13-gauge seamless knit glove shell is flexible, dexterous and allows full freedom of movement. Constructed with a highly breathable unique membrane lamination, it also stops the internal layers from slipping ensuring that the gloves won’t turn inside out when removed.

  • ANSI Level 5 Abrasion Resistant
  • ANSI Cut Level A6 Resistant (360°)
  • ANSI Level 4 Puncture Resistant (360°)
  • ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 2 Impact Rated

These TenActiv™ STXWPNVB work gloves features a unique palm coating designed for gripping power in dry, wet or oily conditions making them perfect for outdoor applications and critical for productivity and safety. Oil, fuel, water and grease can cause workers to displace tools, parts and equipment. Recogininzing this, the glove engineers at Superior Glove® selected to coat the glove shell with a black micropore nitrile palm coating.  This grip coating goes about improving grip in a different way from many other glove coatings. The nitrile micropores displace oils and other liquids creating mild suction that enable you to hold onto an object instead of dropping it.

Work puts hands at risk every day, but they're the most important tool that you own. Protect the hands and fingers against job related dangers and you'll enjoy many more years with fewer crushed fingers, skinned knuckles, cuts, and abrasions. Prevention is just a click away. All you need to do now is tap the link and …

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