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Automotive Interior CondensationCondensation Can Be a Killer to Collectible Antique Automobiles

Just because we can't see potential harm doesn't mean you won't see it, and forces such as humidity or moisture can ruin automobile interior fabrics and components in a short period of time and often beyound repair.

Those little white or brown paper "DO NOT EAT" desiccant packets from China are commonly used to protect and prolong the quality of shoes, pills, electronics, purses, beef jerky and more but why aren't they used to protect the interiors of automobiles? After all, cars put into seasonal storage or sealed for extended periods of time are at great risk to mold, mildew and/or corrosion damage!

The wife probably has totes full of clothing or shoes filled with some type of fresh packs...but do you have a moisture absorber/mold pack to preserve, prolong and protect the interior of your antique, classic collectible, muscle or exotic sports cars when in storage? If they are good enough for a $50 pair or shoes or a $10 bag of beef jerky, they should most certainly be good enough for your beloved car.

Protects Against the Threats We Can't See!

Storage units, sheds or garages are often enclosed, dark and made of aluminum that heat up and cool down with changing weather conditions and temperatures. Automobiles parked, stored and sealed inside these structures or placed within museums for months are at grave risk to mold, mildew and rust. How you may ask? Well in a nutshell, as the temperatures changes, it creates condensation within the unit and inside the car that destructive mold and mildew thrive in. In fact, the musty odor you sometimes smell is digestive excrement, or to be blunt - your interior, so I'm told.

Preserve, Prolong & Protect Antique Classic Collectable Automotive Interiors with CarSorb Moisture Absorber & Mold/Rust Inhibitor Packs. Ours are Made in USA!

Once mold and mildew make its home, it's over for your interior. There is no cleaning agent that we know that will safely remove or clean the stains and using chemicals will only dry and eventually crack the upholstry, and then there's the concern over airborne VOC's. For a few dollars, our humidity absorber and mold inhibitor storage pouches will keep car interiors dry and fresh when in storage or sealed for extended periods.

Stop Recharging or Pouring Out That Moisture Absorber! There is No Dehumidifier on the Maket That Can Do What Ours Can! These Storage Packs Starve Away Mold, Mildew & Corrosion! 

Over here in Buffalo NY USA we took those China made "DO NOT EAT" packs and "put them on steroids" to create a premium line of industrial-sized, commercial-grade American-made desiccants designed to safeguard the interior components and fabrics of your antique, classic collectible, exotic sport or muscle car. CarSorb™ Automotive-Grade Moisture Absorber and Mold Rust Inhibitor Packs were originally patented to absorb "cargo sweat" in oceanic shipping containers carrying electronics, equipment and food and will outperform silica and clay based sorbents hands down!

This innovative absorber pouch captures and converts moisture into dry crystal like flakes preventing potential mold, mildew or corrosion damages to automotive interiors up to 90+ days (depending on humidity). Air activated technology automatically shuts “off” and turns "on" in the presence of moisture and pouches remain in a dry condition when the desiccant has reached capacity - meaning there is NO water by-product, no dripping or leaching.

CarSorb Moisture Absorber and Mold Inhibitor Packs don't have to be removed during use making it perfect for year round use and they only activate in the presence of moisture. Easily, safely and effectively protects all automotive interior surfaces, materials and components such as leather, vinyl, PVC, steel, aluminum and more.

Here are some other product features:CarSorbâ„¢ Moisture Absorber & Mold Inhibitor Storage Packs

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Leaching
  • No Water By-Product
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No VOC's
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Disposes Safely in Trash
  • Safe for All Surfaces
  • Made in the USA

Simple to use-just toss 1 or 2 pouches in the front and back footwells and 1 in the trunk and close car - your interior is now protected by a patented automotive absorber pouch!  Perfect for storage units, dealerships, yard storage, car carriers, sheds, barns or when inside home garages.

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One 7" x 11" size 196 gram weight bag treats 36 cubic feet (3’ x 4’ x 3’) area.  Available in single packs, 4 packs and for wholesale storage applications-bulk master cartons.

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