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Endure the Extreme Cold with these Endura® 378GOBDTK Double Thinsulate Winter Driver Gloves

378GOBDTK Superior Glove® Endura® Deluxe Winter Goat-Grain Driver with WaterStop™/Oilbloc™ and Double Weight Thinsulate™ Liner Extreme cold weather is a dangerous situation that can bring on serious health emergencies. If you’re working outside in cold, wet, icy, or snowy conditions you’re going to be at risk for cold stress. Hypothermia, frostbite, trench foot, and chilblains are illnesses and injuries caused by cold stress.

Nothing makes a winter work day feel longer than being unprepared against the elements, and the quickest way to ruin your work day is with wet or sweaty hands.

Wet, sweaty hands magnify the frigid conditions and can render them useless very quickly. Wearing the proper hand protection is crucial for personal comfort, safety and job performance.

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Extreme Cold Conditions Call For Extreme Cold Weather Gloves

If you have been searching for a water-proof extreme cold weather glove to keep your hands seriously dry and warm, then you need to look no further! This Endura® 378GOBDTK  winter leather work glove was engineered for extreme winter work by some of the best glove designers in the world!

Wind-Resistant & Water-Proof Winter Gloves

Rated for subzero temperatures down to -22◦F (-30◦C) and ANSI level 4 safety rated against industrial puncture hazards, these Superior Glove® industrial winter gloves are constructed for rugged use. You won't be blowing a seam in these gloves anytime soon! Secondly, they’re constructed with state-of-the-art technology and then tested in-house for heat loss using thermal imaging. Thermal imaging detects manufacturing defects or weak spots that allow the heat to escape.

With smart styling and design, the 378GOBDTK Endura® Deluxe Double Weight Thinsulate® Driver Gloves from Superior Glove® feature abrasion-resistant goat-grain leather. The glove’s interior is lined with napped poly jersey and specially positioned 200 gram Thinsulate™. The fingers are fully sock lined  360 degrees around each finger, with no insulations gaps. These Endura® gloves also feature a unique knit turtleneck cuff and a snug elastic gathering that seals out the cold. A special leather repellent treatment makes these gloves completely water proof for the life of the glove! 

These extreme cold gloves are ideal for snow removal, towing/salvage, construction, metal stamping, petroleum industry, utilities, maintenance, steel & metal, automotive, parts handling, fence installation and industrial contractors.

These Endura® Deluxe Winter Goat Grain Driver with Double Thinsulate™ Liner tackles the most frigid conditions and protect the most important tools of the job. Now all you have to do is hit the button and ...

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