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Hi-Viz Work Shirts That Repel Insects & Sun's Rays

The outdoors can be an amazing place to work, but there are many hazards to contend with. Outdoor laborers are regularly exposed to many types of dangers that depend on their type of work, geographic region, season, and duration of time they are outside.   

Common physical hazards threatening outdoor workers often include weather extremes, insects, noise, moving vehicles or machinery and sun exposure.

Outdoor workers are at great risk of UV radiation even on cloudy days. Snow, water and light-colored sand can reflect UV light and increase the risk of sunburn. In addition to painful sunburn, UV can cause deadly cancers and prematurely age the skin.  

Worksites with woods, marshes, ponds, bushes, high grass, or leaf litter can be a breeding ground for venomous snakes, spiders, scorpions, and stinging insects such as bees, wasp, fleas, black flies, hornets, fire ants and scorpions. Other insects such as mosquitos and ticks can carry vector-borne diseases such as Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria and Lyme disease that if bitten, could spread to workers.

To keep you and your staff safe, it’s important to enhance one’s visibility and employ preventative measures that limit exposure, especially during the extreme exposure times of the year.  A common defense is to cover exposed skin with protective clothing and/or apply topical sun block or insect repellents.

High-visibility safety apparel (HVSA) is industrial outerwear clothing (e.g., vests, overalls, jackets, coats, t-shirts or overalls) that laborers wear to differentiate a person from their environment and makes workers more visible. Hi-vis work safety clothing can significantly reduce the chance of a life-threatening accident from happening especially during low-light conditions or inclement weather conditions. Implementing Hi-Vis shirts eliminates the need for the additional layer (the vest or jacket) and insures workers are always visible.

Elevate Outdoor Safety Compliance & Protection

Stay Seen & Stay Safe | Hi-Viz T-Shirts That Block the Sun and Repels Insects!

Available with short or long sleeve styles, these PIP® brand Hi-Viz black trim wicking t-shirts feature 50+ UPF sun protection and built-in insect repellent that lasts 30 washing cycles – just machine wash or hand wash in cold water and hang dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.Hi-Viz Sun Blocking T-Shirts with Built-In Insect Repellent

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Ideal for additional levels of safety for low risks activities where ANSI compliance is NOT required, such as shopping cart retrievers, dog walkers, parking lot attendants, joggers, delivery vehicle drivers, recreational workers. These hi-visibility t-shirts are EPA registered and feature insect repellent, 50+ UV/UPF sun block ANSI compliant polyester birds eye fabric with black trimming along the inside of the arm and side.


ANSI 107-2015 Compliant work shirts are ideal for construction, survey, rail yards, towing/salvage, municipalities, utilities, shipyards, landscapers, tree service, anywhere hi-visibility apparel is necessary. Made with 50+ UV/UPF sun block polyester birds eye mesh fabric with black bottom.  ANSI Type R Class 2 apparel is necessary for workers exposed to traffic traveling over 25 mph and who work against complex backgrounds. These hi-visibility t-shirts feature 2-inch sewn reflective tape and 1 upper chest pocket.

ANSI 107 Type R Class 3 apparel is intended for workers requiring the highest level of visibility, have high task loads and need to be visible throughout a full range of body motions. These hi-visibility t-shirts feature 2-inch heat pressed segmented reflective tape,  1 upper chest pocket, insect repllent and 50+ UV/UPF sun block 100% polyester birdseye mesh material.

Know your worksite, the insects inhabiting it and plan for the weather conditions. Use sprays and repellants wisely and dress appropriately to the environment. Implementing Hi-Viz safety apparel such as these innovative t-shirts will minimize health threats and concerns for those that work out in the outdoor environment.

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