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High-Viz Safety Gear

For Construction & Landscaping IndustriesHigh-Visibility Work Safety Apparel

Contractors in the landscaping and construction fields know safety is key for a productive season.  At mdsassociates.com, we have a great lineup of summer safety products to get your season off to a gainful start. 

Many hazards are a daily part of the construction and landscaping fields.  Cuts and amputations, heat and cold stress, lifting and awkward positions, noise decibel levels from heavy machinery or power tools, slips, trips, falls, crushed limbs and impact injuries from falling debris are all very real and can be prevented by following the industrial safety procedures with the right personal safety equipment

Work Gloves that make any day a safe day:

Let's start with hand protection.  We have many options to protect a worker's hands.  We recommend a high visibility glove in the construction and landscaping industries because the workers are always moving.  Being able to see the hands will help prevent unnecessary injuries, saving the worker trips to the hospital and the company time lost including money spent paying for recuperation. Hi-Viz gloves also assist in better hand signaling and this is important at accident scenes, highway construction or event parking.

A perfect daily use glove is our PIP® Maximum Safety® Viz Workman's Gloves.  These gloves feature a hi-viz orange spandex fabric back, a black synthetic leather palm, reflective binding, easy on/off open cuff and a PVC grip on the index finger and thumb for fine parts handling.  Sizes small through XXL are available. 

For a great glove that provides dexterity and visibility, try our PIP® G-Tek® Hi-Vis PU coated nylon knit gloves.  These come in yellow or orange, have a polyurethane coated palm, a breathable knit back and withstand abrasions very well.  These are used for lighter applications such as picking up debris, weeding, brush removal and trimming trees.  They come in sizes extra small to XL. 

If you need gloves that are good for oily applications, try our Superior Glove® Clutch Gear® Oilfield Hi-Vis Gloves.  These have florescent lime green backs and bright red palm patches for easy visibility and a durable grip in oily situations.  Close fitting, breathable, fine knit nylon construction ensures no loose materials falling into the glove.  Neoprene fingertips, knuckles and wrists provide extra protection against bumps and contusions.   Sizes small to XL are available in these useful protective gloves.

Shirts that stand out in the crowd:

If you are looking for a classic cut t-shirt with a pocket but you want new technology, try the OccuNomix Hi-Vis Wicking Work T-Shirt.  You can order florescent orange or florescent yellow in sizes medium to XL.  Even though these are non-ANSI compliant, the bright colors are still effective for the workers getting noticed.  These t-shirts feature a moisture wicking technology called Whisk-It™ which moves perspiration away from the body, keeping the worker cool and sweat free.  The treatment will stay in the shirt, even with repeated washings. 

If you need a hi-visibility t-shirt that is ANSI Class 2 compliant, we have the MDS Economy Class 2 Wicking T-Shirts with 3M Scotchlite™ reflective tape striping on the torso and upper body.  The material is 100% polyester.  It is colorfast, wicks moisture, is machine washable with low shrinkage and resists odor, mildew and bacteria.  This shirt is available in size medium to 4XL and comes in florescent yellow.

When you have a chilly start to the morning, we have the PIP® Class 3 Crew Neck Hi-Vis Sweatshirt with Warmer Pocket ready to go to work with you.  The florescent yellow color is highlighted with 2 inch two-tone reflective tape on the shoulder and torso areas and has a hand warmer pocket in the front for added warmth.  Knitted cuffs and waist band provide a comfortable fit and easy movement. 

Top off any of your shirts with the PIP® Class 2 Value Mesh Vest.  This lightweight vest comes in hi-vis orange or yellow and has 2 inch silver reflective tape on the shoulders and torso area.  The vest comes with plenty of storage pockets, pen pockets and zips up in the front to keep it tight and secure.  Keep your crew visible this year with the bright hi-visibility apparel such as t's, sweats and vests at MDS associates.com. 

We tip our hats to the hard workers out there:

Hot days are great, but when workers get too hot they can get heat stress and pass out.  It is very serious to maintain fluids and keep items on hand that will help stave off heat illness.  We suggest PIP® EZ-Cool® Cooling Tie Hats as a part of the safety items you supply to your workers.  Since it has a casual bandanna look to it, the workers will like wearing the item while getting the much needed moisture they need against their head on a hot day.  The hat is made from a polycotton blended fabric with new age cooling crystals in the crown which can be reactivated for the life of the product by soaking it in water.  Soak the hat for 10-20 minutes, wring it out and secure to the head by tying it in the back.  The cooling effect lasts for hours and can be reactivated by soaking the hat again and again. 

If you require a brim and a neck shade while you work, we recommend the PIP® EZ-Cool® Cooling Ranger Hats. The brim provides shade over the forehead area to prevent sun burns and the neck shade keeps the back of the neck covered so that the sun does not create blistering after long exposure to the sun.  If you work on a roof or near a pool this hat can definitely come in handy. 

If you want a hi-vis hat that cools too, then try our Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Hi-Vis Ranger Hats with Cooling Towel.  This little gem provides vented mesh side panels, a wide brim and stays cool for up to 4 hours just by running it under cool water because it is lined with a cooling towel inside.  Get the best of both worlds with this hat and stay cool under the sun.  Even though a cooling towel is not quite a hat, it still fits in with cooling of the neck area and is a great way to provide relief on a hot day. 

We have the OccuNomix Miracool® Cooling Towels available in blue or orange in a convenient carrying case.  Wet the towel under a faucet or hose, wring it out, and drape around the neck and chest areas.  If it dries, just get it wet again and you are ready to go.  Every tool box should have one of these inside. 

If you seeking serious industrial cooling gear, then you hould check out Techniche Technologies vast lne of innovative evaporative cooling vests, undershirts and accessories!

We can see safety in your future:

Your eyes are always in danger of the elements and conditions around you when working in the construction or landscaping business.  Items can fly towards the eyes such as grass blades, rocks, nails and other hazardous materials.  We have a great product called PIP® TranZmission™ Rimless Anti-Scratch Glasses which provide crisp, distortion free visibility in both clear and tinted lens types.  The rimless design provides style, while the patented temple design provides comfort with no pressure points for the wearer.  The anti-scratch coating is present on both sides of the lens and keeps them from getting those annoying tiny scratches that always seem to be right in the eye's point of view.  Anti-fog coating is available on all models except the blue lens and helps with those chilly mornings when your glasses take a while to clear up.  The lenses will also repel static electricity, are economical and have a molded nose bridge for comfort. 

When you need some extra protection, we have the PIP® Fuselage Convertible Safety Glasses/Dust Goggles.  These unique safety goggles feature a temple and a head strap that easily snap in or out, making them convert from a standard goggle to a dust goggle.  They have a nylon frame with EVA foam padding, a molded nose bridge, bayonet rubber temples for a secure fit and feature an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. 

We also have a great set of goggles that would be suitable for riding machinery or riding lawn mowers, which are the MDS Economy Panzer™ Foam Lined Safety Goggles.  Black and hi-vis yellow rims provide soft EVA cushioning which keep out wind and wood chip particles.  Clear or grey anti-fog lenses are available and a head strap is included. 

What was that you said?  You want great hearing protection?

We hear your request and want to tell you about some of the great options available in hearing protection.  If you want a corded set of earplugs, we suggest the Howard Leight® Fusion® Corded Earplugs.  Available in small or regular size, these earplugs use a FlexiFirm™ core to ensure easy insertion into the ear canal and a comfortable fit all day long.  They are economical and come with a detachable cord. 

When you need earplugs with no cord at all, try our Moldex® PuraFit® PlugStation® Uncorded Earplugs.  These come in a handy dispenser and can be mounted to a wall, 2 x 4 in a tool truck or wherever they would be used the most by your crew.  The hi-vis color makes them stand out so the workers know where to find them.  The size is a bit longer, so the workers can grip them and insert them into the ears easier.  Earplugs can help keep the decibel level down while keeping hands free with no distractions.  

Do you like the old school over the head ear muffs?  We have 3M™ Peltor™ Optime™ Over the Head Ear Muffs which provide broad foam ear cushions, padded headband and  individual stainless steel spring headband wires.  These deliver great protection up to 98 dBA.  Lightweight and bright colored yellow make this an easy choice in hearing protection. 

If you want an earmuff that delivers, try our 3M™ Peltor™ X4A Series Ear Muffs.  These are apart from all the rest in that they are electrically insulated, or dielectric, in the wire headband.  The wire provides consistent pressure over long periods of time, ensuring a comfortable fit.  The earmuffs can be ordered in a headband style or a hardhat compatible style.  Earmuffs tilt so you can adjust them to your comfort level, they protect against high decibel levels and they have a hi-vis yellow stripe that helps them stay noticed on the job.

Don't be a hard head, get yourself a hard hat:

Keep your head on your shoulders with a PIP® MK8 Evolution® Hard Hat with Wheel Ratchet Suspension.  This hat is made for impacts and penetration protection.  All areas of the head are protected from the front to the back to the sides.  The expanded polystyrene impact liner helps to absorb the shock of items that may fall onto a workers' head and provides almost 20 times the coverage area of a regular hard hat.  Wheel ratchet adjustment ensures a great fit every time.  There are plenty of colors to choose from so choosing what is right for your team should be a snap.  This is one of the best hard hats ever made, so give it a try and see why! 

When the job requires a light weight hard hat, you can try a bump cap instead.  We carry the PIP® HardCap A1 Plus Standard Brim Baseball Bump Caps.  These are good for areas where low-impact items may come in contact with the head so a heavy duty hard hat is not needed, but some protection is still necessary.  Select from hi-vis orange or hi-vis yellow color, these stylish baseball cap style mean these are more prone to be worn as needed by workers and are fully visible while performing jobs.  Fully adjustable and washable materials make these bump caps one great item to add to your safety gear lineup. 

Breathe easy knowing we have the protection you need:

When you require a respirator mask with no-frills, we suggest Maytex® Cone Masks.  Standard style, non-latex masks feature an aluminum nose bridge and cloth covered headband.  These are great for dust, paint spraying and lawn mowing applications. 

When you need a little room to breathe, may we offer the MDS Economy N95 Particulate Respirators with Exhalation Valve.  These are flame retardant and feature a vent that lets you breathe out, keeping moisture from your breath away from your nose and mouth areas.  Sometimes your mask has to go the extra mile. 

That is where the 3M™ 8247 R95 Particulate Respirators come in.  These are 95% certified effective for protection against oil mist, solvents, degreasers and resins.  You can use these for foundry work, machine repair, pesticide spraying, driveway sealing and furniture restoration work. 

Elevate safety compliance-let MDS Associates help gear up your teams with all the personal safety equipment they need. Call us with product questions, volume discounts, samples, contract pricing, shipping requests, to place an order for products not listed

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