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High-Viz Safety Gear

Be Safe & Seen From a DistanceHigh-Visibility Work Safety Apparel

Contractors in the landscaping and construction fields know safety is key for a productive season.  At mdsassociates.com, we have a great lineup of summer safety products to get your season off to a gainful start. 

Many hazards are a daily part of the construction and landscaping fields.  Cuts, amputations, heat and cold stress, lifting and awkward positions, noise decibel levels from heavy machinery or power tools, slips, trips, falls, crushed limbs and impact injuries from falling debris are all very real. So are accidents involving machinery and vehicles. 

On the job injuries can be prevented by following industrial safety procedures with the right personal safety equipment. that should include easy to see clothing or clothing with high-visibility accents.

Make Any Day a Safe Day

Let's start with hand protection.  We have many options to protect a worker's hands.  We recommend high visibility gloves in the construction and landscaping industries because the workers are always moving.  Being able to see the hands will help prevent unnecessary injuries, saving the worker trips to the hospital and the company time lost including money spent paying for recuperation. Hi-Viz work gloves also assist in better hand signaling and this is important at accident scenes, highway construction or event parking.

Hi-viz T-shirts provide optimal visibility, maximum safety and are a lightweight and comfortable alternative or addition to wearing a vest or jacket. Available in both short and long sleeve options with optional UV protection and insect repellent, workers can still attain up to a Class 3 requirement wearing a garment that they may be less likely to remove while on the job.

Top off any of your work shirts with hi-viz traffic safety vests.  These lightweight vests come in hi-vis orange or yellow colors and typically include 2 inch silver retro-reflective tape on the shoulders and torso area.  Available with ANSI/ISEA 107 certification and without (non0ANSI), Traffic Vests are available in different configurations and with different options come with plenty of storage pockets, pen pockets and zips up in the front to keep it tight and secure.  Keep your crew visible this year with the bright hi-visibility apparel such as t's, sweats and vests at MDS associates.com. 

Get Yourself a Hard Hat

Keep your head on your shoulders with a PIP® MK8 Evolution® Hard Hat with Wheel Ratchet Suspension.  This hat is made for impacts and penetration protection.  All areas of the head are protected from the front to the back to the sides.  The expanded polystyrene impact liner helps to absorb the shock of items that may fall onto a workers' head and provides almost 20 times the coverage area of a regular hard hat.  Wheel ratchet adjustment ensures a great fit every time.  There are plenty of colors to choose from so choosing what is right for your team should be a snap.  This is one of the best hard hats ever made, so give it a try and see why! 

Roadwork, railyard, construction and emergency response tasks are not limited to just the daytime, and it's critical to be easily seen in all light conditions and backgrounds. From work shirts to warm winter jackets and coats that keep workers safe and seen no matter what the job, MDS Associates  offers hi-viz garments for all conditions, climates and applications where workers are at risk.  Now all you need to do is hit the link and ...

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