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Extra Impact Protection Requires Impacto® Trigger Gloves

Impacto┬« Trigger Gloves There’s a saying that too much of one thing isn’t good for a person. Well, if you’re working with electric, air or power tools in industrial applications that include construction, manufacturing and maintenance, then repetitive strain and impact hand injuries are occupational concerns that can affect long-term hand health. This is where Impacto’s Trigger Gloves can help.


Repetitive tasks or motions can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). A repetitive strain injury (RSI) is an injury to part of the musculoskeletal or nervous system caused by repetitive or continual use, vibrations, compression or long periods in a fixed position.


Other common names include repetitive stress disorders, cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs), and overuse syndrome which can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.  Activities that can raise the risk of RSI include:

  • repetitions
  • doing the same activity over a long period of time without rest
  • working with force such as lifting heavy objects
  • maintaining a poor or awkward posture or position for a long time without rest
  • working in cold climates, with instruments that vibrate and stress

RSI tends to worsen by pressure related movements like twisting, hammering and pounding, squeezing, pushing, pulling, lifting or reaching. Other factors are too fast or excessive workloads, long hours and lack of rest in between.


Prevention is critical to long term hand health and productivity as persistence can cause permanent changes that are increasingly painful and irreversible over time. The hands are a laborers most valued asset and the +Impacto® #479-31 Half Finger Trigger Glove is a serious workhorse for professionals seeking serious hand protection and ergonomic support.

Every year, hand and arm injuries caused by repetitive shock or strains cost industries millions of dollars in health care. Musculoskeletal injuries have been identified as the most frequent type of workplace injury.  RSIs are an everyday concern in the workplace and can occur in many parts of the body including the wrist, elbow, back, neck, hip, knees and ankles.

Impacto® has been manufacturing cutting-edge personal protection equipment (P.P.E.) that focuses on reducing impact, vibration and repetitive motion in any work environment and their Trigger Gloves are designed to help off-set industrial work stresses that lead to long-term discomfort and injury.


Impacto® Trigger Gloves are designed with open fingers and constructed with breathable, stretchy nylon Lycra backs and soft pearl leather palms for abrasion resistance, tactile feedback and dexterity. These Trigger Gloves feature pull tabs at the fingertips for easy removal and an adjustable padded wrist support to help prevent over extension and over flexion of the wrist. Impact absorbing 1/8" VEP (Visco-Elastic Polymer) padding is added to the palm, trigger finger and thumb areas to reduce occupational shock forces to the hands.

VEP  has  excellent  impact  absorbing  and  shock  dissipation  qualities  as  well  as  absorption  of  higher  levels  of  vibration.  VEPs are solids that mimic the behavior of liquids, which allows dissipation of shock waves better than any other material. VEP absorbs shock waves in all directions at once, reforming to its original shape at a rate that is slow enough to not exert outward pressure, but fast enough to regain its original shape before the next shock. In laboratory tests, VEP has proven its ability to absorb up to 500% more shock than foam of the same thickness.

Don't wait until symptoms arise! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new laborer handling drills, jack hammers, air guns, power tillers, sanders, we suggest that you protect your most valuable tool – your hands. All you need to do now is tap the link and ….

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The Impacto® line of industrial products include the anti-vibration air gloves, anti-impact absorbing gloves, wrist supports for prevention of repetitive strain injuries (RSI), a wide range of protective knee pads, body pads and cushions, air belt lumbar supports, metatarsal protectors, anti-fatigue and puncture-resistant insoles, steel and composite toe cap overshoes, ice traction devices for footwear and overshoes. These custom ergonomic products can help prevent cumulative trauma and repetitive strain injuries such as Hand-arm vibration (HVAS), tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.