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Activated Carbon Charcoal Air Purifier Odor Removal Bags

by mdsassociates
Thu, Jun 8th 2023 07:00 am

Breathe New Life Into Homes, Offices & Auotmobiles
½ Pound Commercial-Grade Air Purifying Desiccator Bags
Not Available In Retail Stores!

NeutraSorb™ powerful odor absorber and air purifier packs When we hear the words air quality, many folks tend to think of air pollution as an outdoor risk but in reality the air we breathe indoors can be polluted or filled with foul odors and particulates. Smoke, vapors, mold, allergens, bacteria, chemicals in paints, stains, industrial cleaners and even pets can affect indoor air quality, comfort and health.

Eliminate VOC's, Prevent mold & mildew, and Remove odors, bacteria, allergens & pollutants naturally!

Specially formulated for major corporations concerned about their brand, and well-suited for applications around the home, NeutraSorb™ powerful odor absorber and air purifier packs feature a unique activated charcoal process that results in fresh and clean indoor air.

Activated carbon (also called activated charcoal, activated coal or active carbon) is charcoal that has been treated to enhance the adsorption process in air purification as a filtration media.  It is used to purify, dechlorinate, deodorize and decolorize both liquid and vapor applications for a variety of applications such as spill cleanups, water purification, wastewater purification, catalyst support, ground water remediation, healthcare, cosmetology, animal care, automotive applications, industrial gas purification, petroleum and precious metal recovery.

Exclusively Sold Through MDS & Designed for Secondary Active Packaging

You won’t see any fancy burlap bags with pretty printed graphics or catchy brand names here. Selected for its ability to resist punctures, tearing and liquids, these high performing air purifying bags feature an industrial-grade 11 ¼”L x 6 ¼” W Dupont Tyvek® sachet system filled and heat-sealed with ½ pound (8 Unit or 227 grams) of the finest, strongest activated charcoal coconut shell available. *Reusable cloth hanging bags are available upon request at no extra charge.

Simply place the bag inside your automobile, boat, RV, camper, garage, animal crate, shed, mini-storage unit, pantry, suitcases, bathroom, equipment bag, trash cans, locker and more. NetraSorb™ attracts and traps airborne particulates like dust, allergens, mold, spores, moisture and removes odors such as pet scents, urine/feces, gym clothes, hockey gear, onions, tobacco smoke, fish, skunk, vomit, VOC’s, mothballs and more permanently. In addition, Neutrasorb helps keep foods fresher longer by absorbing moisture, bacteria and mold before they spoil your food.

Cheap enough to dispose, these professional air purifying bags can be easily reactivated by simply placing the bag in oven for 16 hours at 245°F. At the end of the life cycle, simply spread the contents into the garden to improve soil quality and recycle the bag.

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