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In case you didn't realize it- computer keyboards are a dirty object. In fact, studies conducted on computer keyboards have shown they can be dirtier than a toilet seat with as much as 3000 organisms per square inch. Mix in a highly contagious, rapidly spreading virus and it can result in sickness.

You may be asking yourself how can a consumer electronic device such as a keyboard contribute to a potential health hazard?  Well, computer keypads are widely used and very often shared by several different people, and daily routines contribute to cross-contamination. With each keystroke or click, germs compouDisposable Protective Keyboard Covers, Sleeves and Skinsnd, multiply and transfer.

So what options do consumers have to protect computer keyboards and other computer accessories from bacteria, aerosols, liquids, food crumbs and germ-laden fingertips without interfering with the keypad functions?

Disposable Keyboard Covers Are Designed To Keep Patrons, Staff Healthy & Safe!

For these shared electronic devices, implementing an inexpensive disposable poly barrier is good infection control and will not only help reduce germ build-up; it will enhance the longevity and function of the device. It also provides visual cues that your staff takes cleanliness serious. Most impostantly, they allow for full visualization and use of the computer keyboard keys!

If you manage a business that relies on computer keyboards then you need to consider these protective barrier sleeve covers.  Great for use in hospitals, universities, libraries, computer labs, hospitality, laboratories, electronic retailers, cashiers, banking, hotels, casinos, gaming stores, computer/electronic retail, business offices, dental offices, production cells and food processing plants -anywhere contamination control is essential.

These keyboard protectors are affordable enough to dispose with each new operator, job or shift but durable enough to last through long and demanding tasks. Germ barrier protection has never been easier but don’t take our word for it, tap the link and …

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