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Prevent Cross-Contamination & the Spread of Disease

An Exclusive Protective Barrier Sleeve Designed for Computer Keyboards

Finally, the pandemic subsided and millions of people were finally able to resume life, but after the pandemic, change was inevitable.

Will people hug more or less? Handshake or fist bump? Will society continue to  practice good hand hygiene and surface disinfecting methods?

Businesses reopened but will there be any changes in the way their products are displayed and marketed? I imagine furniture outlets, mattresses companies, automotive dealerships, libraries and electronic retailers will be sanitizing their publically shared merchandise and surfaces more regularly as consumers will inevitably view exposed surfaces as potential germ hot spots.

In the germophobic world,  cleanliness will arguably be the most powerful influence in retail consumer sales. Terms such as cross-contamination and infection control were topics typically discussed only within healthcare. Not anymore. This new infectious germ quickly educated the public about items such as personal protection equipment (P.P.E.), N95’s, ventilators and learned there are simple infection control devices available that prevent the potential cross-contamination of infectious diseases.

Are You Compounding & Cross Transmitting Germs?

An off-shore virus swarmed most of our country in just weeks. Highly contagious and viable for long periods of time, contact contamination aided the spread of this pathogen from coast to coast. Certainly people will be more conscious of the surfaces they come in contact with their hands and fingers. This is where disposable surface barriers can help!

 “Keyboards are particularly vulnerable because grubby fingers mindlessly touch dirty surfaces and then repeatedly go back to typing “

You do not have to sneeze or cough on a surface to transmit disease-causing organisms. According to scientists studying virus movements on surfaces in office buildings is that when you touch a surface with a virus or bacteria on it (door handle) you then you place it on another surface like your keypad or keyboard.   You then go home or to another location and you touch the table moving it to another location. A popular and commom catalyst to the spread of infection in or around an office is a computer keyboard! What can be done to keep keypads and keyboards from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and germs? Well we have just the solution!

Disposable Keyboard Sleeves Can Prevent the Spread of Germs, Bacteria and Protect Against Liquids, Grease, Oil, Dust & More!

Disposable Keyboard Barrier Sleeves

Virtually every business uses keyboards, and often times they are needed in an area where dirt or germs cannot be avoided. Think about any healthcare facility such as a hospital, dentist office or laboratory. There are many people sharing medical equipment, computers, tablets, or touchscreens, all of whom may have been exposed to any number of micro-organisms, germs and even biohazardous materials which could result in cross contamination. For these shared machines, placing a disposable plastic cover on a keyboard, mouse or monitor and replacing it each shift could be a key infection control. component.

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Designed to Keep Customers, Staff Healthy & Safe

Are your computer keyboards exposed to unwanted debris or shared? If you manage a business that relies on computer keyboards then you need to consider these protective barrier sleeve covers. Crafted with food-safe approved polyethylene, these premium barrier sleeves are crystal clear, smooth, semi rigid and allow individuals to fully operate and view keyboards while preventing unwanted contaminates from breeding.

Disposable Keyboard Barrier SleevesGerm barrier protection has never been easier. These keyboard protectors are affordable enough to dispose with each new operator, job or shift but durable enough to last through long and demanding tasks. These sleeves will prolong the life of the keyboard and most importantly reduce germ build-up. They're ideal for:

  • Hospitals/Dental offices
  • Laboratories
  • Automotive service
  • Electronic retailers
  • Cashiers/Banks
  • Hotels
  • Business offices
  • Libraries
  • Production cells
  • Food processing plants

Available in a variety of sizes, simply slide the keyboard into the open end, tuck in the the cord and you’re done.  Be sure to check out our Disposable Keyboard cover too! Elevate compliance and keep surfaces sanitary!  Shop MDS for disposable keyboard protectors or view our portfolio of disposable infection control surface barriers today.

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