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Is Your Fleet Sanitized?

In response to the pandemic, car rental agencies worldwide are doing what they can to ensure their fleets are safe to use. Extra concentration is being placed on automotive interior items that users are most likely to touch when renting a car.

Many people will likely agree that this once in a hundred year global health event has brought a new level of awareness to touching publically shared items and surfaces.

Taking extra sanitizing precautions to ensure the physical safety and confidence of patrons will arguably be the new norm for many businesses for some time.

If you manage a car rental agency or operate an automobile showroom, ensuring that commonly touched automobile surfaces are germ-free is a daunting but needed task to keep consumers safe and capturing sales.

Car interiors have numerous spaces that are frequently touched, and consequently are breeding grounds for all sorts of microorganisms.

Bacteria and viruses can easily travel from the hands onto these surfaces. In fact, if you were to put bathroom germ samples next to car samples, they’d probably look very similar. That’s why when you’re considering how to keep your cars clean; you need to think beyond the basic vacuum and car freshener. This is why you must clean the interior of your car after every use just like you would clean your hands after entering your home.


Many well named car rental agencies are providing assurance that the company has modified its cleaning procedures. Extra concentration will be placed on interior items that users are most likely to touch. That includes dashboards, door handles, gear shifter, fab, consoles, seats, steering wheels and others.

Who used the car last? Preventing the spread of germs between consumers is very important for proper infection control be it a car showroom, .rental agency, detail shop or test drive.  Surface disinfecting and surface sanitation are part of this infection prevention protocol but harsh cleaning chemicals can potentially attack automotive surfaces and leave unpleasant odors and dangerous VOC’s.  

Now you can take sanitation one step further and implement these easy to use and affordable single-use  infection control barrier covers.

In Today's Germophobic World, the Image of Cleanliness is a Powerful Selling Tool

Disposable barrier protectors safeguard against cross contamination and elevate infection control levels easily, quickly and affordably. They provide powerful visual cues that your staff cares about the cleanliness of their products and equipment. Simple yet highly effective, disposable barriers are the newest trend in workplace and hospitality cleanliness, and for what amounts to a few pennies is translating into big gains in brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and confidence.


Barrier products are very versatile and can be used to cover and protect just about anything in the operatory, production area, showroom, school, library or patient exam rooms. They're versatile, swipe compatible and do not hinder operations.  Popular among the automotive sales and service industries are:

  • +Clear Protection® Seat Covers: These lightweight but strong 33”W x 54”L poly covers feature a tapered hood that is placed over the headrest and secures the cover snuggly onto the car seat.
  • +ValuBran Automotive Steering Wheel Skins: fits most standard passenger and light truck steering wheels up to 21". These clear polyethylene skins feature an elastic gathering that covers and protects the entire steering wheel including the center area. Easy on/easy off. +Also available in XL size that stretches to 28".
  • ValuBran Gear Shifter Barrier Covers: clear poly surface barriers easily slip on or over gear shifters, emergency brake handles, wiper control or turn signals.
  • +ValuBran Key Fob Bags: these re-sealable bags are available in different styles but are all designed to minimize the transmission of germs and bacteria.
  • +Touchscreen Barrier Sheets: available in different sizes, these specially engineered, residue-free and touch sensitive sheets self-cling to automotive touchscreens and displays keeping them prestine. Barrier sheets are also ideal for use on door handles and electric start buttons

Pennies are translating into big gains in brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and confidence. Join a growing number of car rental agencies, hospitality and furniture retailers that are now incorporating barriers into their retail programs. Simple, affordable and effective, they eliminate harsh cleaning products and prevent cross-contamination. But don’t take our word for it, just tap the link and…

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