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Clear N Tuff® Gear Shifter Protectors
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ValuBran Gear Shifter Barrier Covers -

Product Code : 18-1

Meets FDA requirements for Food Contact

Cleanliness is a powerful selling tool. These clear poly surface barriers easily slip on or over gear shifters, emergency brake handles, wiper control or turn signals. Prevents fingerprints, protects against oils, grease, food, dirt, debris and prevent the cross-contamination of bacteria and germs. Ideal for storage, transportation, service centers, car rentals, car shows and show rooms. 52-mil gauge.

*Contact MDS for other available sizes*.

Need to cover door handles, gauges, oush buttons or touchscreens? Check out these self-adhesive non-residue swipe compatible protective barrier sheets here!

Packed: 1000 per case           *Min order 2 boxes

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