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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) For Workplace Safety

Mon, Oct 19th 2015 11:00 am

Given the recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, many have grown concerned over the potential spread of this deadly virus. The best course of action is to educate the public about the products and equipment that can minimize the risk of exposure.

Personal Protective Equipment comes in many forms, and when used properly in conjunction with each other, has the ability to greatly mitigate your risk of cross contamination. Personal Protection Barriers, Covers, Layers and Garments are all designed to work together to guard against infectious elements.

MDS Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of these products designed to prevent exposure and maximize protection. With advanced knowledge and resources, it is possible to protect yourself and others in and out of the workplace.

Ensuring Workplace Safety For Medical Personnel

Appropriate protective gear is essential to ensuring safety for all health care workers. A Disposable Barrier Gown is the base for any protective equipment. Our gowns provide the added benefit of reinforced knit cuffs coupled with a thumb slit to prevent the fabric from slipping and exposing your skin. Encapsulated Chemical Suits are also available to maintain personal protection in cases of high risk chemical contamination exposure.

Adapt PPE According to Workplace Environment

Our Disposable Protective Gowns are also designed to offer different levels of protection depending on the contamination control warranted for your environment. The fabrics used can range in protection from basic or routine contamination control, to high risk, high level infection control for the maximum protection against exposure.

In addition to the Disposable Barrier Gowns, MDS also carries a variety of outerwear suitable for other environments. A more controlled setting may call for a Disposable Protective Lab Coat which also features knit cuffs and thumb slits. Work in the field may require Disposable Protective Coveralls that feature 5'' knit 'glove' cuffs and finger tacts. These protective barriers are further enhanced by Disposable Sleeve Protectors that will further protect you from wrist exposure and provide added protection to a vulnerable area of your skin.

Disposable Hair Caps or Beard Covers are also recommended in many settings. For complete head to toe protection use Disposable Shoe Covers, designed with anti-skid bottoms.

Use of these products will improve your safety in the workplace and safeguard you from the most common lapses in protection from infectious bacteria.

Personal Safety out of the Workplace

Outside of the workplace, there are also risks for exposure to pathogens in everyday life. There are many personal protective products to be aware of in order to minimize your risk. Given the high frequency of being in public places, Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes are easy to bring anywhere you may need them. For higher protection we also provide many varieties of Disposable & Cut Resistant Gloves. MDS also provides products for Respiratory Protection as well as Disposable Face Shields.

Places To Consider Personal Protection Equipment

+ Public Transportation i.e. Bus, Subway, Taxi
+ Public Buildings i.e. DMV, Library, Hospital
+ Restaurants
+ Public Restrooms
+ Elevators
+ Playgrounds
+ Grocery Stores and Cart Handles

Places Of Specific Risk Warranting Personal Protection Equipment

+ Funeral Homes & Coroner's Offices
+ Patient Transport (EMS) & Emergency Service (EMT) Vehicles
+ Hazardous & Infectious Waste Handling Facilities
+ Medical Centers and Schools & Immediate Care Offices

Markets Of Specific Risk Warranting Personal Protection Equipment

+ Hazmat
+ Hospitals
+ Undertakers
+ Hazardous Waste
+ Dental Medicine
+ Medical Research & Infectious Disease

With proper education and advanced protective products, you can improve your personal safety both in and out of the workplace.

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