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Clean & Refresh Electronic Screens

by mdsassociates
Thu, Jul 18th 2019 08:00 am

#37006 Safetec® Device WipesThere is not a single day when we don’t use some form of technology. This could be a mobile cell phone, computer, tablet, lab top computer, automated machinery, television, or even a screen in your car.

Touch screens are commonly touched, and touched a lot. They attract grime, dirt, dust and fingerprints. The human skin secretes oils, and over time, this can build up on the display, making the sensor less reactive to touch. This is why your touch screen should be kept clean at all times.

When cleaning electrical surfaces such as a screen, optical lens or kiosk, it’s critical that the cleaning agent be approved safe for use with such devices otherwise damage or deterioration will result.  These presaturated device wipes are a quick and easy to use solution to keeping your devices clean, sanitized, and free from unwanted residues. They're also fast drying, lint-free and streak-free!

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