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Keeping Farming Tablets Sanitary

by mdsassociates
Sun, Jun 21st 2020 08:00 am

Tablet Barrier Covers w/ Flap-Lock

There has been a recent trend for farmers and employees to drop the paper and go digital with their record keeping, using spreadsheets, orchard management software, or farm management software to manage the extensive data collection they need. This is where portable electronic devices such as a tablet computer can make the difference between financial success and failure.

Commonly shared among customers and co-workers, tablets can be a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can be cross-contaminated to other surfaces or individuals. Due to the heightened awareness and very strict COVID parameters, many farms are now requiring disposable tablet barriers be used and changed everytime it is handled or signed.

For a few pennies, you can now cover and protect your valuable mobile device with our convenient, easy-to-use disposable, touch sensitive transparent tablet covers. These high clarity barrier covers do not impede typing or swipe functions, can be used with a stylus and lastly, do not distort view.  Affordable, easy and quick to use, disposable protectors simply slide over the device to create a hygienic and protective barrier against germs, debris and moisture.

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, you can view more by clicking on the links below:


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