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Single-Use Poly Gloves for Sanitary Polling Places | Prevent the Spread

by mdsassociates
Sat, Oct 3rd 2020 09:00 am

Disposable Clear Polyethylene Gloves

On Election Day, voters enter private booth areas to fill out their ballots. Gone are the days of hanging chads as states now use electronic voting systems, either optical scanning or touch screens. But this voting season will be completely different due to the pandemic.

With the public health threat posed by covid-19, commonly shared items such as ink pens, touch screens, keypads, tablets and computer keyboards used during in-person voting are a real concern for potential infection from cross-contamination prompting the CDC to release considerations for election polling locations and voters that you can view here+.

This new health event has brought a new level of heightened conscious to touching publically shared items and surfaces. Taking extra precautions to ensure the physical safety and mental well-being of election officials, workers and voters is a concern across the country.

Adding to thier arensal of masks, soap and hand sanitizer, some polling stations have decided to hand out a pair of polyethylene gloves to each registered voter.  Designed to prevent the cross-contamination and spread of germs, poly gloves are commonly used by bar tenders and food workers. As it turns out, these inexpensive disposable clear plastic type gloves can have a positive impact against the spread when at the polls.

+read more about poly and polling places here

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