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Don't Be Ungloved When Operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles!

The drone market is exploding and according to the FAA, it is expected that there will be over 1.6 million drones or unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) by the year 2022 being applied in commercial applications and intelligence from the field. While drones have much added benefit, most people do not adequately inform themselves about the use of drones and do not realize what can happen if things turn and go wrong.

Simply put, aerial drones are not toys and there are a lot of things to consider when handling these, otherwise an accident can happen leading to deep lacerations, severed body parts and worst case scenario, even kill if they happen to cut a main artery in the wrist. For this reason, many safety directors are mandating the use of cut-resistant hand protection when operating drones.

With so many different gloves being offered, below are a few suggested work safety gloves for your consideration. These industrial work gloves were selected based on tactility, breathability, grip, cut level and touchscreen compatibility that allows operators to interact with touch devices without removing their gloves.

  1. +Majestic® Glove's 31-1365 Cut-Less 18-gauge Kevlar® Glove with Micro Foam Nitrile Palm Coating offers remarkable cut level A4 protection, touchscreen compatibility, exceptional grip, fantastic dexterity, tactility and wear durability. The all black construction masks dirt, grease and more.
  2. Offering 360° cut level A4 protection for the hands, these hot selling, hi-visibility +S18TAGOFN TenActiv™ brand gloves from Superior Glove® feature a  tactile and snug fitting 18-gauge touchscreen compatible hi-viz orange composite shell with matching foam nitrile coating. These TenActiv S18TAGOFN Safety Gloves are easy to see from a distance making them perfect for hand signaling. They're also  easy to spot if accidently dropped in the field.
  3. If you are seeking a tactile, cut-resistant glove for wet applications or conditions, then check out the hot selling +16-VRX380 G-Tek® VR-X™ gloves from Protective Industrial Products (PIP®).  Constructed with an ultra-thin, snug-fitting 18-gauge cut level A3 G-Tek® PolyKor® yarn and VR-X™ polyurethane coating on full hand, the G-Tek® VR-X™ glove provides advanced barrier protection against micro-organism risks, liquids and provides a tactile grip in wet, dry and slightly oily conditions for precise handling. With touchscreen compatibility and anti-viral activity help protect against contamination and microbes on highly shared surfaces.
  4. Advertised as "The World's Thinnest A9 Extreme Cut Resistant Glove", Superior Glove's +TenActiv™ S21TXUFN Work Safety Gloves are as thin as some critical cleanroom coated knit gloves. These ultra light weight, snug-fitting 21-gauge seamless knit gloves by Superior Glove® are the closest you can get to working barehanded without sacrificing cut, puncture and abrasion protection, but this palm coated touchscreen compatible seamless knit work safety glove provides ANSI A9 protection (the highest rated level of resistance) for the entire hand against extreme cut hazards.
  5. Honorable Mention: +SHOWA's 381 Grip Glove is not only extremely lightweight, it's highly breathable and ULTRA comfortable to wear. The microfiber knitted touchscreen compatible glove shell offers no cut-resistance but does provide a powerful grip thanks to its amazing, waffle pattern nitrile foam grip. This nitrile foam coating performs like microscopic suction cups making it great for dry, wet and especially slick applications. Knitted with a long cuff, this grip glove feels awesome on the hands.

Don't automatically gravitate towards higher levels of protections - please consult with your safety director before purchasing your hand protection. MDS offers a variety of work gloves and knitted sleeve protectors in all ANSI Cut Levels from Level A1 (paper cuts) to Level A9 (extreme hazards) to protect your team against the specific cut-related hazards you face. Consider the risk you're facing, the likelihood of an accident, and the comfort and dexterity you'll need. By determining these additional factors, you can find a glove that fits your job (and your hand) perfectly! Now all you need to do is tap the link and ...

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