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Commercial Grade Boot Scrubbers Keep Interiors Clean

by mdsassociates
Mon, Apr 23rd 2018 09:00 pm

Keep work trucks, dump trucks and entrance ways cleaner and vehicle interiors in better condition! These boot scrapers are perfect for pickup trucks, golf carts, hunting cabins, garages, RV’s, cleanrooms, production lines or home. And if you have a soccer player, golfer, football player, hunter, automobile enthusiast or baseball player in the family and grown tired of dirty floor mats and cushions, keep one of these in trunk or on the side line! 

The base of our boot scrubber is designed with three pre-drilled holes to allow one to mount the block to a step rail, stair tread or another suitable type base. To better remove unwanted debris from the boot sole’s easier and faster; the sidewalls incorporate downward angled bristles, but if if you don't prefer these sidewalls, simply remove the screws!

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