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Flexible Products for Maximum Security Environments

by mdsassociates
Sat, Feb 15th 2020 08:00 am

OraBrite Secure Care Products

It seems nothing brings out the cleverness in a person like endless days spent staring at the cell walls thinking about the outside world and freedoms lost. Because inmates have little else to think about besides what's happening within their prison walls, they often become focused on the surrounding relationships and conflicts around them.

While prisoners are supposed to be unarmed, they are very resourceful in devising innovative weapons to attack fellow inmates or even guards.

Unfortunately many of the hygiene products procurred to maintain prisioner health often end up as weapons. Inmates make everything from flamethrowers to razor-whips to fully-functioning crossbows. Plus, there's the usual array of shivs, shanks, knives, and blades - all made out of ordinary items that can be bought in the commissary,  brought inside from the outside world,  For this reason, it is imperative that prison toiletries be tamper proof, effective and affordable.

OraBrite® Secure Care Correctional Security Products Provide the Perfect Balance of Safety and Quality!

Preventive oral care and personal hygiene in institutional settings is important for inmate overall health. OraBrite® security products support effective personal care and provide officer and inmate safety.

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