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Impacto® 3-Finger Gloves for Kite Hobbyists

by mdsassociates
Wed, Aug 30th 2023 08:00 am

Innovative Hand Protetion for Serious Kite Hobbyists

Kite FlyingFlying a kite is an exciting way to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. If you never had the opportunity to try it, then let me tell you that kite flying has both its challenges and yes, dangers.

Part of the draw to kite flying is the challenge of catching the right breeze so it soars upward high into the sky. With some experience, you can actually learn to manipulate the kite and make it plunge, soar or even “dance” but these actions can result in a preventable hand injury!

Prevent Rope Burns & Cuts

Kite string is hard to break and it has caused a sudden surge in dangerous kite string-related injuries over the years. Made of small diameter twisted nylon similar to fishing line, it’s very thin and when it's ripped across unprotected flesh at high speeds, it slices deep into the folds of the fingers and palms putting one at risk to amputation, surgery or an infection. Enthusiasts can protect their hands and fingers from cuts, punctures, and abrasions by wearing durable, comfortable finger gloves.

Hand Protection

The IMPACTO® 202-30 Three FingerImpacto® 202-30 Three Finger Glove with Support Glove is a specialty industrial glove designed on protecting the fingers or the primarily used fingers during kite flying. This glove may not provide complete protection compared to full-hand gloves but it  can offer users more confidence, comfort and control over their kite without sacrificing dexterity or mobility.

Finger Protectors

Designed with breathable and snug-fitting lycra backs, the 3-Finger Glove features abrasion-resistant soft pearl leather fingers with 1/8" VEP padding on the thumb, index finger and middle finger. The leather fingers helps against spooling cuts, nicks and abrasions while allowing the operator with the ability to fully manipulate the kite and string.

Wrist Support

Flying a kits for hours can be tiring which cause muscle aches and pain especially in the wrist region. Another neat feature of the IMPACTO® 3-Finger Glove is it has an elastic hook and loop cuff system. Critical for long term hand health, this design helps offset musculoskeletal injuries by reducing overextension and over flexion of the wrist without limiting mobility.

While hand injuries due to kite strings seem to be trivial, these injuries could be serious enough to lose the function of hand. If you’ll be flying a kite for fun, festival or competiton,  it’s important that you protect your hands from kite string damage especially if you get a strong wind.

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