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Showa® 4552 Biodegradable Gardening GlovesThe World’s First Fully Biodegradable Gardening Gloves

the SHOWA® 4552


Gardening can be invigorating with many health and spirtual benefits, but it also has its dangers. If you don’t take basic precautions, you could land yourself in the hospital. There are some risks to ‘working the soil’ - especially if your hands are bare.

There are a variety of nasty infections you can get if you garden without gloves. Cuts and scrapes can easily happen when working around thorns, stems and sharp gardening tools. Splinters are another way that dangerous microorganisms gain entry into your body. Gardening without gloves means you are more vulnerable to injuries or infections such as:

  • Risk of Legionnaires' disease: (a kind of pneumonia) is caused by a bacteria called legionella, which thrives in moist soil conditions.
  • Risk of Tetanus:  rich soil can include the bacterium Clostridium tetani which can cause a tetanus infection if it passes through broken skin or via a puncture wound.
  • Sepsis: bacterial infections that causes septic shock, organ failure, and, if not treated quickly enough, death.
  • Spiders, Bugs and Snakes
  • Poisonous Plants:  some plants and some parts (such as leaves, flowers or sap) can, if handled incorrectly, cause anything from a mild rash to a severe allergic reaction.
  • Cats/Wild Animal Waste: outdoor cats and wild animals use the world as their litter box and infected feces can carry bacteria that cause the disease toxoplasmosis.
  • Sunburn, Allergies, Blisters and Splinters
  • Protection from Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers

There are a variety of glove options on the market but here's a better choice for Planet Earth!

In an attempt to eliminate landfill waste, SHOWA® has introduced its line of biodegradable gardening gloves and they are being well received by environmentally conscience businesses!

Boost Green Credentials • Improve Sustainability • Reduce Recycling Costs & Landfill Waste

The inventors of the world's first biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves, N-DEX® and GREEN-DEX™, now bring you their first  biodegradable work glove! Engineered with Eco Best Technology®, this planet friendly glove is ideal for multi-use applications across a range of industries such as gardening, landscaping, horticulture, professional tradeShowa® 4552 Biodegradable Gardening Glovess, agricultural and more.

SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology® (EBT) is the breakthrough innovation that makes these 4552 work gloves the first of their kind. EBT™ accelerates the biodegradation of gloves in biologically active landfills using anaerobic digesters. These abilities have been validated by independent certified laboratories using SSTM international test methods (ASTM D5526 & ASTM D5511). Independent research laboratories place the time between one and five years depending on landfill site conditions.

[ 1 ] EBT Materials
[ 2 ] Glove Disposal
[ 3 ] Biologically active landfill
[ 4 ] Microorganism Decomposition within 1-5 years
[ 5 ] Natural soil mix

The Showa® 4552 work gloves will protect workers from hand injuries, cross contamination and skin infections. Select this revolutionary glove for carrying out every day gardening tasks including potting, pruning, harvesting, processing, growing, cultivating, lawn care and lawn or garden maintenance. 

When gloves are no longer useful, most workers simply toss these gloves into the garbage where they make their way to landfills and studies have shown, it can take 100+ years to decompose. Instead, turn them into natural soil.

Made in the USA!

These ergonomically designed SHOWA® 4552 gardening gloves also provide protection against oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion. The eco-friendly green colored, high-tack, sponge nitrile palm coating provides optimal long-lasting grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.  The 15-gauge seamless knit polyester/spandex liner is comfortable, form fitting and breathable making them ideal for use in hot weather conditions. They feature color-coded hems for easy and fast size identification and are machine washable.

The next time you venture out to the yard or into the greenhouse, make sure you grab SHOWA’s 4552 eco-friendly gardening gloves - the better choice.

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