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Latex-Free Powder-Free Food Handling Approved Vinyl GlovesReduce Food Contamination

These Color-Coded Latex-Free Vinyl Gloves Provide Easier and Faster Traceability

Food contamination from bacteria and production supplies are serious concerns for food manufacturers. To offset these concerns, strict protocols for proper hand hygiene and contamination control are forefront.

Selecting the proper hand protection for an application can help food processors and food handlers improve safety and productivity while ensuring that their food products are safe. Disposable or single-use latex-free gloves are very often selected for food industry employees. They provide economical barrier protection against fluids, are dexterous, offered in a full range of hand sizes and eliminate the worry of worker or foreign object contamination during food handling.

If a glove happens to break off and fall into the production line, it can cause heavy financial and production hardships. That is, if the offending material is noticed. For this reason many food processing facilities have taken hand protection to another level and are opting to use colored single-use gloves. Colored type gloves are quickly and easily identified should a glove tear during the processing. Distinctly colored gloves also make compliance checks easier and faster for line production supervisors.  


For plants that have multiple production lines, tracing contamination to a single line, oven or vat can become very challenging so many facilities are opting to color-code their processing units. For example, a produce manufacturer such as Dole may have their employees who work on the lettuce line wear red gloves while those employees on the carrot line wear black. Some facilities may go beyond visual inspection and incorporate metal detectable equipment that scans its’ raw materials for foreign matter. Recognizing this, metal detectable gloves are being introduced into the food processing market.


When selecting gloves that will come into direct contact with food, manufacturers and processors should make sure the glove materials meet Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards for food contact.  Taking contamination control to a new level, the Safety Zone® line of single-use powder-free, silicone-free, latex-free vinyl gloves are a better solution to polyethylene type gloves. These Safety Zone® glove components comply with the provisions of the:

  • Meet Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) Requirements - All glove components comply with the provisions of the FD&C Act, which allow repeated use in direct contact with food
  • FDA Rule 110.10  - The Safety Zone® gloves meet the requirements for handling of human food in both the manufacturing and packaging phases of production.
  • FDA Rule 177.1950 - Vinyl gloves sold by The Safety Zone® contain chloride-ethylene co-polymers, which may be safely used for repeated use when coming into contact with food.

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Suitable for preparing vegetables, foods with a high water content, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, bread, pickled foods, etc., these certified powder-free, latex-free vinyl food handling gloves are available in different mil-thicknesses and in a variety of easily identifiable colors such as:

Safety Zone® GVP9-(SIZE)-1C-K BLACK Vinyl Gloves

Safety Zone® GVP9-(SIZE)-1YE YELLOW Vinyl Gloves

Safety Zone® GVP9-(SIZE)-1RD RED Vinyl Gloves

Safety Zone® GVP9-(SIZE)-1-GR GREEN Vinyl Gloves

Safety Zone® GVP9-(SIZE)-1-BL BLUE Vinyl Gloves

Safety Zone® GVP9-(SIZE)-1WH WHITE Vinyl Gloves

For the ultimate in safe food handling, Safety Zone® also has a blue colored metal detectable vinyl glove as well. This premium quality, non-metallic single-use 6-mil powder-free vinyl glove combines comfort with product safety and is detectable in the electromagnetic range of 50Khz-1Mhz. This ensures that small torn pieces will not pass through metal detectable equipment to contaminate final product.  

While physical contaminants can’t always be avoided, they can be easily detected. Try these disposable latex-free color-coded gloves and protect your employees, company and brand. But don't take our word for it,

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