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Protect Your Fingertips with these Crush-Resistant Work Gloves

by mdsassociates
Wed, Nov 27th 2019 08:00 am

A man hitting his index finger with a hammer and screaming in painInjuries Change Lives Forever

Workers everywhere are putting thier hands and fingertips on the line everyday. Crush and pinch injuries can impact more than your ability to work and aren’t something anyone need to accept as “part of the job”, at least not anymore!

After years of research plus many more years of field trials, Superior Glove’s new PinchGuard technology is reducing injuries and saving fingertips.

PinchGuard technology is the first protection in North America designed specifically for fingertips and it's  built right into your safety gloves. Crush-resistant finger caps are a comfortable protective shield that wraps around your fingertips to absorb the force from impacts, crushes and pinch hazards. It's like steel-toed boots for your fingers!

Elevate compliance and protect the fingertips with these industrial work gloves from Superior Glove® that feature PinchGuard technology. This  safety feature is available on Superior Glove’s hot selling Endura® and TenActiv™ brand of gloves.

With Superior Glove’s new PinchGuard technology, you can work confidently knowing your fingertips are protected.

+read more about work gloves with PinchGuard crush-resistant finger caps here


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