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Joe’s Top Five Winter Gloves 

Superior Glove® is one of North America's leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial safety work gloves. As a company based out of Canada, Superior Glove® is no stranger to inclement weather.

They've lived through the cold, frigid winters and that first-hand experience gives them the knowledge on exactly how to design the ideal winter work glove.

From  waterproof fabrication to traditional wool and nylon blends, to calfskin leather and Thinsulate™... Superior Glove® has  lots of options to keep your hands protected and warm, without compromising comfort or dexterity.

Joe Geng is the Vice President over at Superior Glove® and he was asked to reveal his top five favorite winter gloves. Considering how many winter glove styles they offer, I was curious which five he would select. Below are his selections.

Pick #1  + Dexterity® SNTAPVC PVC-Palm Coated Glove

Cold-Rated to 23°F/-5°C

Referred to as the Santa Glove, Joe selected this red colored Dexterity® winter glove because it provides high dexterity and is great for outdoor related work. This fleece lined winter grip glove feels great against the skin and remains flexible in cold conditions. As an added bonus, this glove has an ANSI Cut Level A2 rating.

Pick #2  +Endura® 378GOBDTK Oilbloc™ Thinsulate™ Driver Gloves

Cold-Rated to 22°F/-5°C

According to Joe, this Endura® style driver glove is his all-time favorite winter glove because it is constructed with durable ANSI level 4 puncture-resistant rated goatskin leather, a Thinsulate™ lining and has a great grip in snowy and wet conditions. Another feature Joe appreciates is the knit turtleneck style cuff that prevents hand heat from escaping or rather the cold from entering. Treated with WaterStop™/Oilbloc™, fluids will bead off the glove keeping the hands dry and comfortable.It is a serious winter work glove that is toasty warm and made for extreme weather conditions!  

Pick #3  +Endura® 378GKGDT Kevlar® Lined Driver Gloves

Cold Rated to  4°F/-20°C

This Endura® goatskin leather driver winter work glove provides great feel and dexterity in wet, snowy and cold conditions. The Kevlar® liner provides A4 cut resistance and Level 5 puncture resistance making it ideal for outdoor tasks with sharp or pointy hazards. The leather is also treated with WaterStop™/Oilbloc™ so fluids will bead off the glove keeping the hands dry and comfortable.

Pick #4  SnowForce™ SNOWD200L Extreme Cold Winter Mitts

Cold Rated to  -49°F/-45°C

From the popular SnowForce™ line-up, Mr. Geng selected this style because it is a very warm glove and rated to -49◦F. Made of calfskin leather, this winter mitt features a removable fleece liner and a removable fleece snot rag that comes in handy in really cold temperatures. The extra-wide, double-layer gauntlet cuff to is made of a soft water-resistant nylon and the overall length is 17" to fit over parka  sleeves or snowmobile suits. It also features tightening straps for custom adjusting and an attached loop to hang gloves for drying or storing.

Pick #5  Chemstop™ S15KGVNFVB Fleece Lined Impact-Resistant PVC Gloves 

Cold Rated to  25°F/-3°C

Fully fleece lined, this Chemstop™ Impact Resistant Work Glove is fleece lined and rated to 25◦F. The aramid cut-resistant liner provides 360º cut protection rated ANSI A6. To protect the hands against bumps, kncks and bangs, the ANSI/ISEA rated impact protectors are Level 2 rated and the hi-viz accents increase worker awareness of hand placement. This Chemstop™ style glove is really an ideal glove for workers who handle petro-chemical products or work in wet environments.

MDS offers the top of the line hand safety options to protect you from the winter elements, and it all comes at a cost that won't break your wallet. All you need to do is shop now so you can work longer, work faster and feel better longer.

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