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Cell Phones Can Carry Viruses

by mdsassociates
Sat, Apr 18th 2020 08:00 am

“Cell phones are particularly vulnerable because grubby fingers mindlessly touch dirty surfaces and then repeatedly pick up phones “

The dreaded  virus could be breeding on your phone, and for long periods. An article in the New York Post on March 9, 2020 suggests the coronavirus can live on cell phone surfaces for up to nine days!

Before you pick up that smart device to check for coronavirus news updates, you need to beware. According to German researchers, coronavirus can live on an inanimate surface like metal, glass or plastic which incorporates virtually all of the materials used to make phones, laptop computers and personal tablets.  It can also clings to shoes, sneakers and boots.

The spread of germs is an ever growing concern in the workplace and proper Infection Control includes minimizing cross-contamination or preventing the spread of infection. For a few pennies, you can now cover and protect your valuable mobile device with our convenient, easy-to-use disposable, touch sensitive transparent cell phone covers.

These specially constructed  high clarity sleeve covers do not impede typing or swipe functions and can be used with a stylus and lastly, do not distort view.  Affordable, easy and quick to use, disposable protectors simply slide over the portable smart device to create a hygienic barrier.


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