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Prevent On-the-Job Bumps & Scrapes

by mdsassociates
Sat, Nov 9th 2019 08:00 am

PIP® HardCap™ Bump Caps

One thing virtually every Safety Director would agree on is getting workers to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) can be difficult. What we have witnessed over our 30 years in businesses is it's much easier if employees have a say in selecting their PPE  and if a safety device is innovative or cool, they are much more likely to wear it.

If you seeking head protection in work spaces where hard hats are not mandated, these innovative sporty baseball cap style bump caps are sure to increase wearer acceptability, reduce injuries and elevate compliance. 

PIP® (short for Protective Industrial Products) offers three  innovative bump caps available in different colors, configurations and styles. The HardCap™ A1+™ and HardCap™ Aerolite™ baseball style bump caps feature a low-profile, ultra-sleek design that's indistinguishable from a conventional low-profile baseball cap! The HardCap™ Ranger Bump Cap has a wide brim that protects the ears, face, neck and head from the Sun's UV rays.

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