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The Threat of Cross-Contamination Requires Personnel to Keep Polling Process Sanitary

Sanitary Polling Places for Elections

The right to vote for presidential primary elections, primary and general elections for statewide offices, and local elections is the cornerstone in our society. In most elections in the United States, you either need to vote in-person at an official polling place such as a school, community center or other public facility or by casting an absentee ballot.

On Election Day, voters will enter private booth areas to fill out their ballots. Gone are the days of hanging chads and delayed results, as states now use electronic voting systems, either optical scanning or touch screens.

The most common voting method uses paper ballots on which voters mark down their preferences, but with the public health threat posed by covid-19, commonly shared items such as ink pens, touch screens, tablets and keyboards used during voting are a real concern for potential infection from cross-contamination prompting the CDC to release considerations for election polling locations and voters that you can view here+.

You do not have to sneeze or cough on a surface to transmit disease-causing organisms. According to scientists studying virus movements on surfaces in office buildings is that when you touch a surface with a virus or bacteria on it (door handle) you then you place it on another surface like a keypad.  You then go home or to another location and touch the table moving it to another location.

Highly contagious and viable on surfaces for long periods of time, cross-contamination has aided the spread of the coronavirus, an infectious pathogen, from coast to coast in just months. This new health event has brought a new level of heightened conscious to touching publically shared items and surfaces. Taking extra precautions to ensure the physical safety and mental well-being of guests will arguably be the new norm for some time.


Popular and common catalysts to the spread of infection are commonly touched and shared items such as keyboards, computer mice, remote control devices, pens or tablets. Some decision makers may opt to disinfect surfaces between voters but you need to beware! Electronic devices subjected to aqueous cleaning or disinfectants often result in damage that include water damage, equipment/screenValuBran Disposable Barrier Sleeves for Pens deterioration, erased keyboard characters, surface scratching, malfunction, weakened hinges and joints. Surface disinfectants also require a kill-time with many common types requiring at least 5+ minutes of soak time for full kill effect.


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Disposable barrier products are very versatile and can be used to cover and protect just about anything in the operatory, showroom, exam room, production area, library, automotive service/sales, hotel/hospitality and even election polling places!

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