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Vegware™ Takeout Essentials

by mdsassociates
Sat, Nov 7th 2020 08:00 am

Vegware sustainable catering disposables

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shuttered restaurants all across the U.S. forcing many restaurants to close or restrict their seating capacity. In order to survive, many food establishments are using food delivery and takeout service as viable alternatives and this has lead to an explosion of disposable food and beverage containers.

Consumers and restaurants have become more dependent than ever on single-use plastic bags, takeout food containers and eating utensils and it is causing an excessive waste problem. Single-use polyethylene (plastic) and polystyrene (the material used to make Styrofoam™) are experiencing a renewed demand due to the pandemic.

It may be some time before many people feel comfortable dining in restaurants again and experts expect takeout and delivery to continue to be in high demand. That’s why compostable food packaging is more important than ever.

Food establishments are using the pandemic to strengthening thier brand and are converting to eco safe compostable food packaging.  Vegware is not niche but rather a practical sustainable solution. From plant-based bagasse takeout containers and compostable Bella pots, to renewable CPLA cutlery and sustainably-sourced soup containers, Vegware™ has everything you need to serve takeout and delivery sustainably.

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