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Discover how MDS Associates can help your operation be more efficient and more effective. Here you can  find in depth information on product categories, including product features and some technical specifications. Click on any of the articles below to learn more information about our products. Have any questions or don't see what you're looking for... give our customer service representatives a call at (800)274-4637, we are here to help you.

January - Ammex GloveWorks HD Nitrile Gloves

January - Ammex Wholesale Distributor

January - Keyboard & Mouse Disposable Protectors

January - Kimberly Clark Wipers 101

January - Mydent Defend Distributor 

January - Wholesale Paper Wiping Supplies 

January - Patient Bibs/Towels 

January - Tidi Trading Partner 

January -  Revolutionary Patented Alcohol-Free Sanitizer

FebruaryThe Advantages of Disposable Industrial Wipers

February - Hazmat Nuke Boot Covers

February - Superior Glove Canada, Plant Tour

February - Be Prepared for Snake Season

February - Work Gloves w/ Innovative D3o® Impact Knuckle Protectors

February - Halyard Health Glove Portfolio

March - 8 Ways to Save on Purchases w/ MDS

March - Hi-Viz Summer Safety Gear

March - Anti-Spitting Socks & Hoods

March - Wypall X90 Advantages

March- Heat Stress Helpful Hints

March - Paper Buckets

March -  Puncture-Resistant Punkban Gloves & Sleeves

April - Adhesive Barrier Sheets

April - Wypall® Disposable Wiping Solutions

April - Wypall® Wipers

May -E-flares Emergency Warning Beacons

May - Guardian™ Butyl Gloves

May - Guardian™ Neoprene Gloves

May - Anti-Static/Low Shed Cleanroom Gloves

May - Patient Care Disposables

May - Superior® Knit Sleeves

JuneTechniche Cooling Technologies

June - Techniche Cooling Technologies for Pets

June - Ambi-dex® Grippaz™ Gloves

June - Guardian Manufacturing

June - Folded Paper Hand Towels

June - Hand Stretch Wrap

June - PIP® Advanced Glove Yarns, Fibers & Coatings

June - Heat Stress Products for Dogs & Horses

June - Automotive Moisture Absorber/Dehumidifer Bags

July - Wound Care Dressings & Cures

July - Wound Care for Bed Sores & Pressure Ulcers

July - Mascot & Character Suit Cooling Elements

July - Travel Kits for Orthodontic Patients

July - Selecting the Correct Chemical Protection Glove

July - Arc Flash Safety Gloves

August - Electrical Safety Glove Kits

August - Cooling Products for Recreation

August - Elevate Compliance / PPE Accountability

August - Color Coding with PPE

September - PIP® Custom Services

September - Microporous - a Tyvek® Alternate Fabric

September - Aurelia® Exam Gloves

September - Disposable Bouffant Caps

September - TechNiGlove Wholesale Distributor

September - Cancer Awareness - Pink Medical Gloves

October - AlloGel® Moisturizing Nitrile Gloves

October - Dexterity® Winter-Lined Nylon Gloves with PVC Coating

October - Surface Protectors for Hospitality Establishments

November - Techniche Air Activated Heat Pax™ Heating Technology

November - Deadly Rattlesnake Strike | Bite Prevention

November - TurtleSkin® Safety Gloves

November - Single-Use PE Coated Thumbhole Sleeve Protectors

December - Exposure at the Wrist | PPE Apparel

December - Clearance Sale on Clutch Gear Anti-Impact Winter Mechanic Gloves

December - Techniche IonGear Heating Technology

December - Prefense Invisible Skin Barrier - Hand Sanitizer

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September 17, 2018 | MDS

Rid DampRid and Rid the Water By-Product

DampRid products are for sale in just about every major retailer, but after trying this moisture absorber I understand why it is not used for commercial applications or by serious collectors. If throwing or pouring out a container full of water is your thing, then you might as well skip reading, but a note of caution-remove that dehumidifier before you hit the road or water...and oh yeah, don't trip on the way to the sink! .

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September 11, 2018 | MDS

Fall Signals Winter Boat Storage

For boat enthusiasts Labor Day signals fall and the need for seasonal storage space and winter preparations such as oil changes, battery trickle chargers, acid washes and protection against mold, mildew and corrosion damages. Are you protected against these threats?.

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